Learn English with English Club app for Windows 8

For those looking to improve or learn English language, the free English Club application for Windows 8 from Avon Mobility solutions offers a good learning opportunity. An application filled with numerous English learning activities, English Club can help intermediate and advanced learners to improve their vocabulary and spelling. Coming from the British Council that has more than 70 years of English language teaching experience, the English Club app gives you confidence and skills to communicate well in English. Be it a student, housewife or teacher, English Club App has English lessons for all.

Learn English

Available only for Windows 8 devices, English Club app is a great learning package that contains animated short video tutorials, audio, and interactive games. With a wide range of fun-filled language learning resources the developers of have definitely ensured that you complete your English lessons without being bored.

learn english

A freeware weighing just 9.61MB, this English learning application is easy to install and you just need to visit Windows store and click on Install. The application will be installed in no time.

learn english

An innovative application it is, English Club has 4 categories for the learner:

  1. Basic English: This contains set of vocabulary which is suitable for intermediate level users of English.
  2. Advanced English: This contains set of vocabulary which is suitable for advanced level users of English.
  3. Business Terms: With focus on business communication, this set of vocabulary is for advanced users of English to be used in corporate world.
  4. Learn English Kids: This contains animated video stories for the kids to help them improve their English while having fun.


Apart from animated short stories, there are games such as word games, jumbled letters and Hangman. With these, you will be able to practice and improve spelling. Therefore not only you will learn new vocabulary, you will also be able to identify the meaning of select words and idioms, spell and pronounce the words correctly and practice their usage in active situations.

learn english

With English Club, you can monitor your progress, interact with other language learners and compete with them using the same app.

English Club app for Windows 8

  • The application uses real life situations to demonstrate the usage of word thus making it easier for beginners to understand English language.
  • The language used in basic, which allows for easy learning.
  • There is audio feed to demonstrate correct pronunciation of words.

English Club is a useful English learning freeware application that can help you improve English Language. In case you intend to make full use of the application you will have to pay for succeeding levels which requires extra downloading. Though for starters, level one, which is free, is worth trying to get started with learning. You can get it here.

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