How to edit Snipping Tool screenshots inside of Paint 3D

The Snipping Tool is probably the best way to take screenshots on Windows 10 without having to use third-party software. Microsoft has done a great job with this tool despite its imperfection, and with the recently released Windows 10 v1803, it has garnered one major improvement. We can’t tell if the quality of the images has been improved after taking a screenshot, but as usual, Snipping Tool is easy to use. Now, if you’re a person who when taking a screenshot would tend to edit this image in Paint 3D, it’s a lot easier to get this done.

In the past, you’d have to take the screenshot, save the image, then open it in Paint 3D. Hey, this is no longer the case because Microsoft has integrated the new Paint 3D app into the Snipping Tool.

Edit Snipping Tool screenshots in Paint 3D

Click on the Cortana or Search button, then type Snipping Tool. Launch it from there, and take a screenshot. This can be done by selecting the preferred mode, then click on New and take a screenshot of your desktop or anywhere else for that matter.

Once the screenshot has been taken, you’ll see the Paint 3D icon at the top-right of the Snipping Tool. Just click on it and it should launch the Paint 3D editing app along with the screenshot image.

From here, you can do quite a lot to your image with Paint 3D. It’s no Photoshop, so if you’re looking to make some impressive edits, this is not the app for you. From our perspective, Paint 3D is designed for those who require something that’s very easy to use with a few powerful tools to boot.

You can add stickers to your image by clicking on the Sticker icon at the top of the Paint 3D tool, then select your favorite stickers from the right-side of the app. You’ll see a smiley face icon, just click on and choose from the many stickers Microsoft has provided.

Now, once you’ve selected the sticker you need, return to the image, press and hold on left-mouse click, and move the mouse to add the sticker.

When you’re done editing the sticker, click on the tick to save your work and that’s it.

From the image above, you can see we were attempting to feed the lion a cookie, but it didn’t work because lions do not eat cookies. And not try this with a real lion or you’ll end up like the last guy who did.

After you’ve finished editing, click on the Menu icon and save your work. You can save it as a 3D Model or a regular image, the choice is yours.

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One Comment

  1. PapaRimsky

    The reason i use Paint3D is because I like its brushes. The lines look very smooth, and like they were made with a stylus. I don’t have a stylus, and when i draw directly in Snipping Tool, the lines look really ugly and pixelated.
    So, every time I want to draw on my screenshot, I have to make TWO steps:
    1) Snipping Tool.
    2) Paint3D (actually 3 steps, because I have to click the New Screenshot button in Snipping Toll (thank you damn Windows8 for removing this function!!).

    That’s so much action to draw in one silly screenshot!
    is there a solution which do the same in one application (with the same smooth lines and brushes as in Paint3D)?
    I don’t want to draw on screenshots in Snipping Tool, because the lines look pixelated and ugly.
    Help me, Internet, please! I guess, you can snswer my question even many years later, becuase there is not much chance there are applications which can do the same thing as Paint3D smooth brushes.
    For example, Sketch Book has good/smooth brushesm but it’s not integrated in the Snipping Tool, and anyway, I need ONE application.
    Internet, help me!
    Please, feel free to ask me or answer.

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