Add Dropbox, Google Drive and Box as Microsoft Office online Save locations

Microsoft Office tools are one of the quintessential tools for anyone – be it a school student or an office going professional. The Microsoft Office package aims at improving your productivity. Office lets you save your files to Cloud, and these Cloud save locations are perhaps the quickest way to share files with your co-workers and eliminate the need for mailing them and giving them access separately.

Microsoft Office 2016 allows you to natively save your files to OneDrive. Today in this post, we will walk you through the steps to add some other popular cloud services like Dropbox,  Google Drive, and Box.

Add Google Drive to Microsoft Office as Save Location

Download the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office plug-in from – this is an official tool from Google.

Once the installer is downloaded, double-click on file and wait for the setup to complete. The Installer will be an online installer so you will have to be connected to the internet to install the add-on.

Next, open any Microsoft Office application. In order to demonstrate I have opened Word.

Now go to the Google Drive for Microsoft Office Setup Wizard.

Add Dropbox, Google Drive and Box as Microsoft Office online Save locations

Once done Google Drive will be added to the list of save locations.

If you followed all the steps correctly now, you would be able to save the files and research papers directly over to the Google Drive.

Add Dropbox to Office as Save Location

Although DropBox is one of the primary cloud services and is widely used both by professionals and personal users, the service does not offer a plugin for Office 2016. But we can still add Dropbox as sync client and save the Office files in the sync folder by following the steps detailed below.

Close all the Office applications.

Download Dropbox Sync Client from

Install the Dropbox Installer and sign in with the Dropbox account.

In the hidden Taskbar icons, right-click on the Dropbox icon and click on the settings gear button. Select Preferences from the drop-down.

In the General tab select Show Dropbox as a Save location in Microsoft Office.

Click on Apply and click OK. Restart the computer.

Once you are finished with all the steps, you will see DropBox icon in the Save As option to save the files to the online cloud service.

Add Box to Office as Save Location

This is another cloud app to save and share files. The interface is quite similar to Google Drive, although you will have to install a plug-in to integrate Box as a save location in Office 2016. Follow the followings steps to integrate Box with Office 2016:

Close all the Office applications.

Now download the Box For Office Plug-In from and install it. Once installed open any Office 2016 application

Open a blank Word document and click on File. Next, click on Save As dialogue box – you will get the option of Box. Click on Box and sign in with the Box Account.

That’s it!

These are the steps to add other online Save locations to Microsoft Office 2016. Hope they work for you!

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