Dropbox for Gmail extension for Chrome lets you add Dropbox files to Gmail

You might be knowing of many ways to send your Dropbox files to others, either by sharing the links online or by sending the files directly. But, if you are Gmail and Dropbox user and want to send Dropbox files from your Gmail like me, then you can make use of Dropbox for Gmail extension of Chrome. Yes, this extension works only with Chrome. Let us look in to details of how to use it and many more details about it.

Dropbox for Gmail Extension for Google Chrome

Dropbox for Gmail is the official Chrome Extension from Dropbox. Now, it is very easy to share files from Dropbox through Gmail. Just a click, select and send Dropbox files through Gmail.

First, you need to go ahead and install the Dropbox for Gmail extension from here, in your Google Chrome browser. Next, head over to Gmail and click on the “Compose” button to create new mail.

Now, to attach files from your Dropbox account, click on the Dropbox icon which is next to “Send” button.

Dropbox for Gmail extension for chrome

If you are not logged in to Dropbox, it asks you to sign in. Once you sign in to it, you can select one or more files and click on “Inset Link” button. You can even see the recently accessed files in “Recent Files” section.

Dropbox for Gmail select files from Dropbox

Now, you can see that file from your Dropbox has been added as a link in the mail. Hit “Send” to send the mail.

Dropbox for Gmail dropbox link added

Even if the receiver does not have the Dropbox account, they can download the files to their hard drive. The receiver just needs to click on the shared link in mail, and he can download the file. If they have the Dropbox account, they can add shared files to their Dropbox as well.

Before downloading the file, you can even see the preview of the file contents.

Dropbox for Gmail preview the dropbox file

Thus, you can share videos, files, images and everything from your Dropbox.

It is really advantageous to use Dropbox for Gmail Chrome Extension to share Dropbox files through Gmail, as it allows you to share large files which cannot be sent using Gmail. Dropbox being one of the best and mostly used cloud services, this Chrome extension has made it easy to share files easily even with non-Dropbox users easily. There is no way to stop you sharing Dropbox files with anyone through Gmail.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

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