DLL Hijacking Vulnerability Attacks, Prevention & Detection

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  1. TWC: “[DLL_HIJACK_DETECT] has two versions – x86 and x64 so that you can use each to scan both 32 bit and 64 bit applications.”

    Does TWC mean that on a 64-bit system, user has to also download the 32-bit (x86) version in order to scan for 32-bit DLLs ? Or would the 64-bit version be able to detect 32-bit DLLs as well ?

    Meanwhile, the developer states: “I recommend using the right version (as the x86 version won’t see all DLLs on a x64 system)”. This seems to imply that the 64-bit version is able to detect both 32 & 64-bit DLLs.

    A few days ago, before I came across TWC’s review, I’d downloaded only the 64-bit version of DLL_HIJACK_DETECT, as based on the developer’s remarks at GitHub. Not I’m not sure if I also need the 32-bit version.

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