How to delete Recently Watched History from Netflix Account

Irrespective of the device you use, Netflix, the subscription-based video streaming service, fetches a complete list of online content and labels them as ‘continue watching’ when you try logging out. The list keeps piling up, and you may not want this to happen for privacy reasons. Netflix however, allows you to remove your Recently Watched History from the Viewing Activity page. Here’s how you to do it.

Delete Recently Watched History from Netflix

Log on to using your web browser. Select your profile.

When the list of online content titles pops up, select your profile. Each profile has a separate viewing activity list.

In the activity list that appears now, visit your Viewing Activity page.

Here you will notice a list of your recent shows.

You can also get here by clicking the square profile icon in the top right. Next, select Your Account from the drop-down menu, then scroll down and click ‘Viewing Activity‘ in the ‘My Profile section‘.

Delete Recently Watched History Netflix

Click the gray “X” that appears to the right of a movie name. When prompted with the message to remove the series alongside the message attached, click the link. This clears the specific content from your recently watched history.

This way, you can hide or remove individual titles or series and clear the specific content from your “Recently watched” history on Netflix.  Once hidden or removed from your viewing activity page, the title will no longer show up in your ‘Recently Watched’ or ‘Continue Watching row’, and Netflix will no longer have access to it to make recommendations for you.

Please note that once a title has been hidden from your viewing activity, it cannot be added again unless you play that title again.

remove Recently Watched History Netflix

The changes made, may take some time (up to 24 hours to be completely removed) to reflect on your devices.

That’s all to it!

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