CUJO Internet Security Firewall for Smart Devices

Online security is one of the most important concerns of internet users. We have been using various anti-virus software to ensure our online security, but this post is all about a device CUJO Firewall, which helps you protecting your devices against harmful Internet attacks which can take place on internet-connected hardware or Internet of Things.

The increasing usage of Internet of Things in our daily routine has changed our lifestyle in many different ways. Gone are the times when the computer system and mobile phones were our only smart devices. More and more gadgets are now turning our homes into the smart homes which are undoubtedly magical, but there is a darker side too. The more we are into technology, the higher are the risks of cyber-attacks on IoT devices.

CUJO Smart Firewall for IoT devices

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall will keep all your Smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) safe from hackers & malware.
CUJO Firewall for IoT devices
CUJO Firewall is a cloud-powered small and compact device which protects all your connected devices from the threats online. It keeps an eye on all your Internet traffic and sends you an alert if any suspicious activity or threat is detected. The device when plugged into your internet network breaks down your Internet traffic and sends the data to the cloud for detailed analysis. So every time a malicious web page is accessed on your internet network, CUJO Firewall will send you an alert.

  • CUJO is a very simple and cute looking device which needs no particular set up. It gets activated automatically, and you just need to plug it into a jack of your internet router.
  • It sends only the packet header data to the cloud maintaining your privacy. The entire data sent to the cloud is encrypted and secure. The device then compares your local internet traffic with the threat intelligence feeds, and if any unauthorized IP connects to your network, it sends you an alert. Furthermore, it blocks the threat before it reaches the target network.
  • The device is built-in with 1GB Ethernet which makes it work fast without affecting your internet speed.
  • The device can be connected via DHCP mode, modems, and routers or bridge mode. It is compatible with almost every router.
  • CUJO lets you set up different profile accounts for your family members. You have the total control over what you allow them over the internet. The company will supposedly be adding the internet time limiting feature to the device too.
  • The company claims that CUJO is a combination of anti-malware software, anti-virus software as well as a firewall. The deep inspection technique brings the business-level security to your home internet network.

How to use CUJO

CUJO is a simple program and requires no specific technical know-how to manage. You can easily manage it through a simple mobile app which displays every device connected to your internet network.CUJO Firewall for IoT devices

Overall, CUJO is a very useful device which works on behavior analysis and threat intelligence technology. It protects your Internet of Things connected to your home network against malicious attacks, unauthorized access, DoS attack and more.

CUJO Firewall is now available for sale at Amazon with a price tag of $199. You will get a lifetime subscription for this price. Place your order and rest assured about the online security of your Smart devices.

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