Create native Windows application of any web page using Nativefier.


  1. This is an awesome tool. The next step would be to have it automatically package it as a Windows Store app, so I could use it on my phone.

  2. It would also be nice if the apps it created could share some of the common modules it needs. As it stands, each app takes up quite a bit of disk space.

  3. I use Nativefier with Linux. It is really a great tool and often Web apps apps offer the only way for Linux users to access services like Google Drive because native desktop versions are not available. Nativefier helps to solve that. There are other potential uses, as well, and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

    I recently added Nativefier to my Windows machine and it works equally as well as it the Linux variety. I have also found that there are ways to add options, such as adding app to tray, or starting maximized. So far I have not found a complete listing of available options or the command switches to implement extras.

    Electron is full of potential and future development will most certainly bring with it improvements and new functionality. I look forward to witnessing its evolution. Thanks for a great article about a great tool.

  4. I agree and it appears that we are not alone. Developers are already at work addressing this and other issues. Electron is fairly young in development so it can only improve moving forward.

    Similar issues are found with Linux Snap and Flatpak apps and solutions are on the way. Electron is an open source project like Snap and Flatpak and ideas and fixes are shared. I have no doubt the future is bright for Electron technology.

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