CopyQ is an advanced Clipboard Manager for Windows 10

CopyQ is a free open source Clipboard Manager for the Windows 10/8/7, that comes with searchable and editable history and support for image formats, command line control and more. It works flawlessly and offers a great set of features. It is tools like this that will help us users make the best use of the copy-paste functionality.

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

Copy-paste or the Clipboard functionality has been one of the quintessential of any platform or operating system. The feature is not just available on computers but also on smartphones and other devices. The Clipboard helps us to copy paste things like access codes, some repeated references in a document or even when it comes to copying an image or a file from one folder to another. Despite being an elementary feature, it is very powerful indeed.

That being said the native clipboard functionality on any machine would only remember a single entry. If you want to store multiple items on the Clipboard, it is not possible to use the native feature for the same. It is for this reason we use third-party clipboard managers.

The best part of CopyQ is that it doesn’t need to be installed and is portable. All you need to do is simply run the file, and you are good to go. CopyQ stores all the stuff that you copy to your Clipboard and this includes formatted text, HTML, images and any other form of data. The Clipboard can be accessed by using the F3 key.

CopyQ Features

Other advanced CopyQ features include the one that will allow you to use separate tabs for different clipboard items.This is akin to using Bookmark Manager and segregating the bookmarks in each folder, for instance, work, project, ideas, etc. The tool saves data across multiple data sessions, and this can be a fall back plan if you forget bookmarking some sites.


CopyQ is set to store 200 entries by default, and the best part is that you can change this in the settings. Users can format the text by using features such as Wrap long text, Vi Style commands and Always on top. As explained earlier you can add a tabbed tree and hide certain items. One can also disable the tray icon so that the program can be accessed using shortcuts. Furthermore, one can also customize the program shortcuts and change colors and fonts. Additionally, you can also change the colors and fonts.

Import and Export Support

The best way to catalog or rather archive your search is to use the full sync feature. With this feature, you can sync your clipboard so that it can be used across other devices. CopyQ also lets users backup the data.

Sort options for Clipboard entries

This feature comes handy when you want to sort the clipboard entries. For instance, this functionality can be used to arrange your entries chronologically, alphabetically, increasing or decreasing order of the number and much more.

Scripting function

This function is particularly useful if you want to process some items in a non-trivial way. The function can be accessed on the command line as “copyq eval SCRIPT” , here “Script” refers to a string of commands that are written in JavaScript.

Wrapping it up

CopyQ is definitely one of the most comprehensive Clipboard managers I have come across. It is open source in nature and offers a plethora of features like tabbing, scripting, and sort options. CopyQ is also the best bet especially if you are a developer. If you are interested in knowing more about the Scripting features and want to download it, visit its homepage here. In a nutshell, the CopyQ offers a ton of features and customization options, and the program is portable.

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