Convert your Windows 7 taskbar into a dynamic RAM CPU meter

Here is an interesting freeware app which converts your transparent Windows 7 taskbar into a dynamically changing colored RAM meter.

RAM Taskbar for Windows 7 monitors your RAM usage and converts the values and displays them in varying colors depending on the RAM usage. Green denotes Normal, followed by Orange for Warning, and then Red which stands for Critical or high RAM usage.

The app offers quite a few customization options. You can make it display the total memory, physical or only virtual memore; change color codes and so on.

Download page: DeviantArt.

If you like to keep an eye on your memory usage constantly, this app is definitely for you!

UPDATE: The RAM Taskbar is now RAM CPU Taskbar as it monitors both the RAM and CPU!

Temp Taskbar Meter may also interest you!

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  1. TheBigOldDog


  2. EGA

    good πŸ™‚
    but us there any similar app but its monitor my network activity?

  3. ErnkeK

    I hope I have read your post correctly.

    Around-about the 18th 19th January 2011 TWC post a link for a program that monitors net usage (allowing you to monitor exactly who\what is using your network connetions) If I remember correctly the program is called TCP EYE (or similar)

  4. Masroor Aijaz

    Do not runs on Windows 7 without Aero enabled. Btw i have aero enabled but just checked it on Windows 7 without aero supported chipset.

  5. bhavya

    worked on my win7 home premium x64 with aero on…nice app…

  6. Martint

    How can i remove this stuff ?

  7. Rama Geek

    This is really nice piece of software. With the color indication of the Windows 7 taskbar you can simply tell whether you should kill any apps or be rest without worry.

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