Convert Magnet links to Direct Download links using Seedr

Many of us use Torrents. If you do not, many people you see on the Internet do. Torrents are your sole free source towards getting digital content for free. You can grab movies, games, ebooks, music, and everything else for totally free of cost. Now, many people tend to prefer direct links. Such links that point to torrents are called Magnet links. This is due to many reasons. They might always prefer using direct links due to their personal preferences, or maybe their ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers them a higher bandwidth on direct download rather than using torrents’ P2P (Peer to Peer) connections.

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Convert Magnet links to Direct Download links

what are torrent filesSeedr is one such solution which will help you convert all the torrent magnet links to direct links. And yes, these direct links can easily be downloaded with any Download Manager software. Also, this even works if torrents are blocked in your region or your connection does not support P2P connections.

NOTE: Torrents may be legal or illegal. Some sites offer only legitimate content whose copyright they hold or things that are in public domain. You should check with the law of your land to see what you are downloading is legal.

How to use Seedr

First of all, you need to get a magnetic link for the Torrent you wish to download. You can do this by navigating to the torrent page and look up for a link that says something in context to Magnet Download or just an icon of a horseshoe magnet. Right click on it and click on Copy link or Copy link address.

Convert Magnet links to Direct Download links


Now, when you are done with copying the magnet link, it would look something similar to this-


After you verify that this link is properly copied, it is now time for you to head to the official website of Seedr.

Either you will have to register an account for yourself or Login using your Facebook account.

After you are logged in successfully, you will get to this page. It is your main dashboard where you will carry out all your downloads. It will look something like this.

Now, you will have to paste the magnetic link in the text filed on the top right portion of the page and then hit Enter.

Then it will start to download the given file related to the torrent in your Seedr Cloud Account. It will take a few seconds depending upon the size of the file and the number of seeds it has.

Once, your file is downloaded, you have to the right click on the file and then click on Copy Download Link. It will look something similar to the screen snippet below.


Once the link is copied, you can either paste it in the address bar of your browser or insert it into your download manager, and it will start downloading the file to your computer.

You can also use the Seedr extension for Google Chrome browser.

Seedr Extension for Google Chrome

First of all, download the Seedr Extension for Google from the Chrome Web Store here. Once installed, you will need to be logged in to Seedr either using your Seedr Account or your Facebook Account.

Once done, this extension will help you add torrent files from the torrent website to your Seedr cloud directly. To do this, you will just need to the right click on the magnetic URL and click on Add to Seedr.butt

After that, just navigate to your Seedr account through the website. You can do it by clicking on the Visit Site button in the extension pop-up.

Then follow the similar procedure that you did earlier.

This extension will help you add torrents to your collection without navigating to your account dashboard again and again.

Seedr is actually a really reliable tool for me. I have been using it for quite a time. The only limitation that a user might face while using this service is that the maximum size of downloads you can store at a time in the cloud is 2GB if you are using a free subscription. But if you are will to upgrade, you get better options. But for someone, who is not downloading much large games or software and is only looking out for music, movies or other videos or even software with size less than 2GB, this service would not let you down.

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  1. ilovetesla

    so, its like a zbigz alternative?

  2. Are you promoting the use of illegal downloading? Even the Magnet link you provided is for Friends Season 1, and with screenshots from The Pirate Bay and others showing the download of pirated songs, makes it seem as though you are.

  3. Jorge Rhor

    OMG!!!, get the pitchfork guys!, let’s burn this website to the ground, we are all purist, aren’t we??

  4. That’s not the point. What people do in the privacy of their own home is up to them, but when a popular and professional website promotes the use of illegal downloading, well it’s not professional. But I guess those who download illegally won’t agree, which is expected! I also see the image has been altered and a disclaimer added.

    But we all know the risks in downloading illegally. Applications can be packed with malware via altered .exe’s and .dll’s (and usually are if they contain patches or keygens.) Audio and video can be infected, Documents, eBooks can contain dangerous macros and so on and depending on how good your AV is, it may miss these. Not only that, you are preventing sales and money going to the original artists/studios and authors. The more money they get, the more they can continue to create. If you worked in an industry where your hard works is obtained for free and you never got paid, you would understand.

    This site promotes tech and the use of antivirus/firewall and anti-malware software/hardware as well as security and security precautions. Don’t you think it’s a but hypocritical if they then promote illegal downloading when they warn and advise to protect you against it?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love this site and contribute when and where I can. I just guess there needs to be a little more moderation on some of the post content.

    But purist? No, just an ex Microsoft employee who now works on the things that people pirate!

  5. Changed the link & blurred the image. Also added a Note in the 3rd para.

  6. Jorge Rhor

    I don’t think this website is promoting illegal downloading of content.
    If you read this website, most likely than not, you are a power user, therefore you know how to protect yourself against the risks of getting anything online, legal or illegal. If this was a beginners tech website, then yes, the admins and editors should be more careful in what they post. But we are talking among like minded people who know their stuff.
    And let’s be honest, not one power user have not downloaded something for free that should have been paid, so there is a certain air of arrogance to imply that only those dirty and immoral pirates would be against your comment.
    I was not against it, I was making a joke because, once again, we are among like minded people who do not need to be told that we have to take precautions when you mess with this kind of things. Light up a little.

  7. Ayush Vij

    Yes! 🙂

  8. Ayush Vij

    We can create our own torrents to distribute stuff among a specific group of people too. As Jorge said, it is for power users mainly. This does not mean that normal consumers cannot make use of this, but nowadays, everyone is being protected from basic exploits with Windows Defender being preinstalled on Windows 10 and people also are cautious and get a third party antivirus. Sorry for any misunderstanding but we do NOT promote piracy. Anything that a user does is as per their own wish. Even if I don’t write about it, people will find this one way or the other. 🙂

    Thanks for putting in your point. I appreciate that Michael. 🙂

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