Windows Firewall Control: Configure and Manage Windows Firewall settings


  1. Good idea but this is nothing one can’t do by simply going to their control panel and putting a shortcut to the firewall on thier desktop? There is absolutely no reason to have this running in the tray, it is a complete waste of system resources. There is nothing extra or special about it as it does not conatin amyhting more that what the Windows Firewall already offers. You can get to it just as fast from the desktop or for that fact just by leaving where it is.


    What’s new in version 2.9.7
    – Fixed the path recognition errors on some systems where users are not allowed to read Security Events due to limited privileges.
    – Fixed the path recognition for executable files that have no file description.
    – Added support for Learning Mode for Windows that is in traditional chinese.

  3. I wanted the setting to be on ‘Medium Filtering’ but when it’s like that, it blocks everything. My browsers, stuff on my desktop, everything.
    If I have it on ‘Low Filtering’ everything works fine.
    Isn’t there a way to have my programs and stuff allowed automatically?
    Other than that, I like this little app.
    I’m not that computer experienced though.

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