Compare Excel Sheets using Excel Compare Tool

Often Excel is used to deal with large data which may be quite similar in other Excel documents. Maintaining & synchronizing different versions of an excel documents can be really troublesome and time consuming. Thus, to analyze the data better, and synchronize and maintain the consistency requirement occurs to compare the Worksheets.

Excel Compare Tool

xc Excel Compare Tools is an add-in for Excel 2010 which allows the  comparison of values and formulas between two excel spreadsheets in order to deal better with data.

This add-in comes in an Excel file format. Opening the add-on will insert a new tab add-in in the Ribbon bar of the Excel.

To compare two excel sheets click compare button in the Add-Ins tab. This will open a new dialog window appears, where the first spreadsheet and the second spreadsheet to be compared can be selected. Here, select if you want to compare the value or compare the formula and then click Compare Sheet button. Moreover, Result set can be highlighted in any one of the given colors.

To use this Add-in in Excel 2010 you will need to enable Macros, as Office 2010 disables all macros by default for security purpose.

Excel Compare Tool

Works with Microsoft Excel 2010 and Excel 2007

Download: xc Excel Compare Tools.

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