Color Enhancer is a Chrome extension for Color-blind people

Some people are visually challenged or impaired and have decreased ability to see color or differences in color. When it comes to computers and the web, we have a solution for those who are color blind. In this post, we will be talking about Color Enhancer which is a Chrome extension for Color-blind people. It helps users to identify colors more accurately.

Color Enhancer for Chrome browser

Here is a basic thing about how any of the color enhancer or similar software works. They adjust (increase or decrease) properties of color like saturation, exposure, and more. It is similar to filters you must have used in your mobile camera. While to normal eyes it will look inaccurate, but for anyone who is color blind or partially color blind, it helps them to match, and identify with the normal ones.

If Chrome is your primary browser, and you do not want to change anything on your computer, Color Enhancer extension is the best solution. This extension appliesĀ to improve color perception bringing it at par.

Chrome Extension for Color-blind

Once you install this extension, click on it three-colored circle icon on the top left or the browser. This will show the options for the enhancer. The extension upon being installed quietly runs in the background and injects a SVG feColorMatrix filter into the pages being browsed.

Color Enhancer Extension

Next click on the Setup mode:

  • It will offer you a set of stars, and you need to select a set of stars which are most faint.
  • Then you need to use the second slider to adjust such that all stars are not visible for you.
  • Post this, reload web pages, and you should see the changes.
  • To disable, simply uncheck the option which says “Enable?”.

Color Enhancer Extension

Even though the setup is enough to get you the exact colors, you can also verify the settings with somebody. This will make sure that the adjustment the person has selected is right. Any regular person will truly understand how much this helps. For example, when I saw the shades of blues look different with the extension, it was clear how much trouble one can have in real life.

How web pages look after enabling this extension

Here is the screenshot of TheWindowsClub without the extension:

TheWindowsClub with Color Enhancer

This is the screenshot of TheWindowsClub with the extension: TheWindowsClub without Color Enhancer

You can now clearly understand how much difference extensions like this can make in anybody’s life!

So if you have a friend who can use this, make sure you do share this post with them.

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