How to use Chromecast on new Edge Chromium browser

Microsoft’s Edge browser seems to have gotten a new lease of life with the Chromium engine. This version of the Edge browser supports Chrome extensions and also offers native Chromecast streaming. Most of us use cast or mirror our laptops to the TV using Chromecast. This way one can view movies and other content on normal TV and thus eliminate the need for buying a Smart TV.

Chromecast is one of the popular components of TVs nowadays. It is manufactured by Google and is used to play media from our other devices like Android phones to our TVs wirelessly. And it is not just casting the screen of a device; it is all about running a miniature version of the app on the TV using that Chromecast and then play that media in a full-featured player that can even be controlled by the device you are playing it from. This makes it a really good option to work in the living room where the whole family or the group are consuming digital content together.

The Chromecast feature on the new Edge browser is hidden or rather not activated by default. To enable Chromecast support on Edge browser, you need to change two flags. In this article, we will tell you how to enable Chromecast on the Edge browser.

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure that the Chromecast is plugged in properly
  2. Ensure that the Chromecast is connected to the same network as your Windows 10 PC
  3. Both Chromecast and Edge browser are updated to the latest version.

Enable Chromecast on Edge browser

Fire up the Edge browser and type the following


This is similar to enabling flags on the Chrome browser. The flag page will open and display all the available flags. With the help of search bar search for the following flag-


Chromecast edge browser

Open the dropdown and Enable the flag.

We need to change one more flag to add the Chromecast feature on the Edge browser. Search for the following flag-


Chromecast edge browser

This time around, open the flag and Disable it.

After changing the status of both the flags you are required to restart the Edge browser.

Cast Chromecast from the new Edge browser

Since you have already changed the value of two flags, you can now use the Edge browser with Chromecast.

To cast content from Edge to Chromecast follow the steps outlined below-

use Chromecast on new Edge Chromium browser

Go to More Tools > Cast media to device. The Chromecast icon will appear next to the URL bar (similar to Chrome browser)

Edge will automatically search for the Chromecast device

Cast your favorite TV show from Edge browser and enjoy!

It is important to know that the previous version of Edge browser didn’t support Chromecast. The latest version is based on Chromium engine, and thus you can easily cast your content to Chromecast. I have learned from my experience that the casting is the same as the one you get in Chrome browser.

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