CheatBook for Windows offers game cheats for PC games

If you’re into playing video games more often than others, then you may want to know of the latest cheat codes. There are quite a lot out there, but not easy to come by at times. For this reason, we need a central source, and guess what? We have the perfect tool for the job. This particular tool is called CheatBook, and it’s pretty good for what it offers. You’ll find that it is more catered towards the PC gamer rather than those who place on consoles, and that’s what we come to expect because PC gaming is more open.

CheatBook offers game cheats & hints for PC games


There are 46 cheats for various console games, and over 400 cheats for various PC games, so you should get what we’re trying to say.

How to use CheatBook:

This little program is pretty straightforward, and we like that the start screen shows a bit of information as to what users should expect. It also provides a link to the latest database for download, mainly for folks who have yet to acquire it.

Users will then need to click on the “Enter CheatBook” button to move forward from the welcome screen.

Folks should see several tabs at the top. The PC tab is open by default, again, proving that this tool is catered towards PC gamers more than others.

Below the tab, the user interface has two sections. One that shows the information of the selected game, and the other listing the game titles. Bear in mind that titles are listed alphabetically, which is a good thing because it makes it easier for users to simply scroll in order to find their favorite games.

Seeing as there are over 400 games within the PC category, the search bar above should make things a lot easier than scrolling. Search results will update in realtime as you type, similar to Google Search.

CheatBook 2

After clicking on the desired title, users should see hints, walkthroughs, and cheat codes appear in the right section. Users can either decide to read directly from CheatBook, or print, and even save information for future use. Information can even be sent to friends or family via email, a neat little feature we have to admit.

Some might say it’s better to use a website, but for us, CheatBook makes it a lot easier to locate content. If you’re gamer seeking assistance for various problems, then CheatBook should work wonders for you.

Free CheatBook download

Download CheatBook via the official website right here.

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