How to edit or change System Information in Windows 10


  1. I think this only changes them in the box you open, not in your actual system files! Waste of time and has no use unless you wish to fool someone in you have a better machine!

  2. The OEM Info Editor is handy for System Builders/Refurbishers …I actually use it quite often.

    But see absolutley no point to the other thing…

  3. I usually don’t post comments but I am an occasional reader of this site, so here goes:

    1) “How to change or edit Windows 7 System Information”
    This is a badly written article. Ugh. It’s as if the author just wanted his paycheck so he wrote this. The title is misleading. I didn’t learn anything. It should be “Free Apps to Change Windows 7 System Information” because the author didn’t provide any actual how-to’s.

    2) “Do note that I have not tried it, but you can download it from here.”
    Poorly researched. Aren’t you supposed to test softwares first before writing/recommending it?

    3) Worse, the writer claimed not having tested it and yet even made a short demo/tutorial how to use it. Sad.

    4) “(: Please read comments first)”
    This site is not facebook or twitter where you just share something that looks interesting to you. This is a site about Windows, so whatever you write should persuade the readers whether or not to try a product. We, as readers, trust that you could give an honest opinion about this. But you gave us a crappy article that seem more like gossip. Ugh.

  4. how to change the Windows Edition tab windows 7 professional I want to change it to windows XP v9.0 tnx in advance

  5. Click on Start.
    Click on Run.
    Type “regedit” without quotes.

    From HARDWARE, navigate to DESCRIPTION/System/CentralProcessor/.
    In the work area, double click on ProcessorNameString, and change its value according to your choice.
    Click OK
    after sometime…

    Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.

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