Change Browser Mode in Internet Explorer 11

Browser Modes in Internet Explorer were meant to give site owners and developers time to fix their web applications. An HTTP header or a meta tag could force newer editions of IE to behave like its older versions. The Browser Mode feature in Internet Explorer lets web developers test the website and web applications. But you cannot find this setting in Internet Explorer 11.

Change Browser Mode in IE 11

Browser Mode was removed in IE 11 Preview but returned in the final version, due to demand from developers.

Internet Explorer 11 provides the ability to switch browser modes. The only thing is that, it is not refereed to as Browser Mode but Document Mode in Internet Explorer 11.

Document Mode in Internet Explorer 11

To access this setting, open Internet Explorer 11 and click on F12, to open the Developer Tools.

From the left panel, towards the bottom, select Emulation – or simply press CTRL+8 to open it.

In the Emulation tab in the developers tools, you will see Mode, Display and Geolocation settings.

Change Browser Mode in Internet Explorer 11

The Document Mode selection lets you choose how Internet Explorer interprets the page, and can be useful for diagnosing compatibility issues. There will be a (Default) next to the mode being used by the page. You can choose another mode, the number indicates the version of Internet Explorer. Each mode makes a series of changes to the browser’s behavior so that it closely emulates the older browser version. The page reloads when you choose a new mode so that the web server and client-side markup is reinterpreted in the new mode.

You can read more about the Document Mode in Internet Explorer 11 at and at the IE Dev Center.

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  1. Roger Maxwell

    The problem is that once you close Developer Tools, it resets it back to the defaults. You have to leave the Developer Tools window open.

  2. pradeep

    I am facing same problem that roger have.

  3. subhashini nulu

    unchecked the “Automatically detect settings” in the Local Area Network Settings (found in “Internet Options” > Connections > LAN Settings.

  4. Priyam Choudhury

    If the problem is happening on a specific computer,then please try the following fix provided you have Internet Explorer 11.

    Please open regedit.exe as an Administrator.
    Navigate to the following path/paths:

    1)For 32 bit machine:

    2)For 64 bit machine:


    And delete the REG_DWORD value iexplore.exe
    Please close and relaunch the website using Internet Explorer 11, it will default to Edge as Document Mode.

  5. mmsh

    Well. It does not tell how to set native mode. what options to choose to set native mode ? Can someone clarify how to set native mode ?

  6. Nel Ly

    how to make a specific site to open in a specific version mode permanently?

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