Disable Change the color scheme to improve Performance message


  1. i have 4gb of ram , i3 processor, and nividia 710 m, i use win 7 64bit, but its slow, i can feel that and windows aero scheme message keeps popping up, whats the best way to get myself fast ,booting and evn operating at windoes aero scheme, will upgrading further RAM will help…plz suggest

  2. The Action Center settings don’t work. I have all those checkboxes unchecked, still get the prompt. Neither does the registry tweak. Sadly, disabling Aero through a shortcut to your game is still the best option. We need someone to develop a dll to inject into dwm to suppress this message, or some similar hack. Don’t expect a fix from Microsoft.

  3. after browsing this silly issue for a while there’s no doubt you have the correct observation and experience. the solutions provided aren’t solutions at all, they are microsoft agenda charged where you buy a new product or tweak your current to something sub-par of how it should be, the aero features are great and do not consume a modern pc’s resources. they are actually suggesting to upgrade GPU. hell yea lets get 1080’s to run aero.. The comment by Oliver Salzburg on the subject is a crystal clear proof of corporative hunger, where the issue remains unsolved, question remains unanswered, problem persist and we need to keep searching for a solution. yes for a inexperienced 80yo and a lot more easily fooled people there are no other options than to buy new GPU/PC or turn off features, making you want to buy new pc anyway. i can’t describe thoroughly how much i hate the scoundrels. the criminals that is, not the victims. unfortunately justice doesn’t exist.

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