Top 10 Card and Board games games for Xbox One

Let’s accept that the good old Card and Board games can never be replaced by anything similar, for those who loved them. Be it chess or monopoly, grouping over a board game is an experience of its own.

Card & Board games for Xbox One

As everything is shifting online, so are board games. Yup, no denying that playing across a board table would always retain its grace, but for those addicting to their Xbox, here is a list of top 10 card and board games for Xbox One:

Chess Ultra: Card & Board games for Xbox OneThe good old chess has been made even more exciting by bringing Chess Ultra to Xbox One. The chess game is better than playing it on a board if chess, the graphics making it “more real than real.” The best part about Chess Ulta is its grim reaper opponent, which gives a wild and scary feel to the game. The tranquil music adds to the aura during the gameplay.

Chess Ultra supports 4k graphics which is an experience of its own. The game has an algorithm which assigns an ELO score to every player, thus making the multiplayer game even more interesting. Check more about the game on the Microsoft store here.

Railway Empire: Railway EmpireMonopoly would sound boring once you start with this amazing game Railway Empire. The story three in the United States of 1830. Post renaissance era, the industry is booming, and railways are one primary requirement for feeding the revolution. Constructing the railway, an industry in itself is even more of a competition as the better the connectivity, the more powerful the trade and the stronger the country. The game is available on Amazon.

Fable Fortune: Card and Board gamesA collectible card game, Fable Fortune is one of the best of options among free card and board games. The gameplay allows users to select among the 6 designated heroes, of which one has to be picked. The chosen character has to side with either good or evil and with a single friend at your side, you need to defeat the much powerful enemy. Fable Fortune is available free of cost at the Microsoft store here.

Monopoly Plus: Monopoly PlusThe good old Monopoly might hardly find a substitute, but the experience has been enhanced by bringing it to Xbox. Interestingly, the Xbox version allows users to modify the rules of the game and set goals accordingly. The 3D game could be played online with family and friends. It allows gamers to screenshot crucial moments in the game and brag about them later. So it’s the same monopoly experience, with more controls in your hands. Buy Monopoly Plus from Amazon here.

Pure Chess: Pure ChessPure Chess is one of the most popular chess games for Xbox, which could be well credited to the simplicity of the application. The game includes a tutorial for players while deciding ELO score for others and connecting them to players of the own class. When playing with friends, you could challenge up to 8 friends at a time and if you lack them, just join any of the 3 major tournaments online. Get this game from the Microsoft store here.

Battleship: BattleshipThe good old Battleship played on gaming boards united families over a game, thus becoming a tradition. Now as the game progress to Xbox One, they tried to keep it as much original as possible. The gameplay involves shooting at and destroying enemy ships while saving your own vessel. Battleship for Xbox One has an interesting new “Clash at Sea” mode. If you like it, it could be bought from the Microsoft Store here.

Risk: Urban Assault: Risk: Urban AssaultThe story of Risk: Urban Assault is based in future. Thanks to global warming, the glaciers, and ice caps melted causing sea levels to rise. The resultant rising sea levels have caused a shortage of food and space, thus leading to anarchy and a powerplay for those who want to control the leftover resources. As the continents have become non-distinguishable and governments collapsed, new factions are created, and they are warring against each other. Grab this amazing game from the Microsoft store here.

Uno: UnoUno is one game that no child could ever forget. Unfortunately, we aren’t children anymore, thus making it difficult to find Unomates to play with. This problem gets resolved with Uno for Xbox One who helps connect with random players online. The most interesting part is the video chat feature while playing with friends. The game is available on the Microsoft store here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the DuelistA very fascinating card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist involves Asian characters. We have to duel against our opponents and keep losing or trading cards. The mystic characters are both from the past and future, and the player has to choose the cards wisely based on the traits of the characters. Buy this wonderful game from Amazon here.

Hand of Fate/Hands of Fate 2: Hands of Fate 2When I first played Hands of Fate, the first thought was, why not make a game with live characters out of it, perhaps like one of those horror games. The current version’s gameplay is all about winning over other characters by playing your cards right, but it has a charm of its own. The gameplay is set in a dark world, where the characters are hopping through dungeons. Check more about the game here.

Let us know your favorite one!

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