Cannot load Management Console in Windows 10

Trusted Platform Module or TPM is a specialized chip used for security, and encryption of user private data such as Fingerprint, Facial data and so on. It also comes with a Management Console, and if you cannot load the Management Console, here is how you can resolve the issue. This usually happens when you clear or disable the TPM through the BIOS settings. Then when you run the TPM Management console (TPM.msc), you receive the error message: Cannot load management console. Let’s see what we can do about it.

Cannot load Management Console

Cannot load management console

1] TPM is cleared in BIOS

If the TPM is cleared through the BIOS settings, then you should close and then restart the TPM Management console (TPM.msc) again. TPM management needs to reload the changes again you might have made, and hence shows “Cannot load management console”

2] TPM is disabled in BIOS

If you chose to disable the TPM through the BIOS settings or it was turned off accidentally, you need to enable it. You have two options to enable TPM.

Enable TPM from BIOS

Restart your computer, and get into BIOS. TPM should be available under our security options. In case the option for TPM management is in disable mode or greyed out, here is how to change make it active again.

  • Enable the Admin password on the BIOS.
  • Go back to TPM settings and the option should not be greyed out anymore.
  • Enable TPM.

It’s always a good idea to have an ADMIN password for your BIOS. It makes sure nobody can change settings on the computer BIOS and Security level options. One can change basic settings like time,  but nothing else.

Enable TPM using PowerShell

The second is rather easy if you have admin privileges. Says Microsoft – Run the following Windows PowerShell command as an administrator:

$tpm = gwmi -n root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm win32_tpm

After you run the command, you must restart the operating system and accept any BIOS prompts.

Now when you load, the error “Cannot load management console” should be gone.

Let us know if the console management started loading post these fixes.

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