How to bookmark a Skype message on Windows 10

The stable version of Microsoft Skype for both platforms, Desktop, and Mobile support Bookmarks feature. Using this feature in Skype, you can easily bookmark important Skype messages and attachments in a conversation for quick viewing later. So, today, we’ll see how to bookmark a Skype message on Windows 10.

How to bookmark a Skype message

How to bookmark a Skype message

Bookmarks in Skype save a message so you can come back to it with one click any time in the future. To bookmark a message in Skype, you have to:

  1. Launch Skype
  2. Open the chat thread which has the message
  3. Scroll to the message which you want to bookmark
  4. Click 3-dots More options visible adjacent to the message
  5. Select Add bookmark.

Once you have done this, click ‘Bookmarks’ to review.

Bookmark Skype Message

You will notice that a ‘Bookmarked Icon’ will appear next to the message or attachment to which you have added a bookmark.

How to remove bookmark from a Skype message

If you are not aware, the bookmarks are grouped by the person first and are later sorted by date. When you hover the mouse cursor over the message bookmarked, an icon appears.

When you click the icon, you are taken directly to the message within the chat thread it’s from. So, if you would like to remove a bookmark, click the three dots/More options button that appears when you hover the mouse over it and select the remove option from the menu.

That’s it!

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