Bleep: Privacy focused instant messenger for Windows

Bleep is a privacy focused instant messaging platform brought to you by BitTorrent. Currently available for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac, Bleep uses the most secure way to send your messages thus maintaining your privacy. This freeware requires no personal information –  you need to choose a nickname and enter an email address or a phone number. If you don’t want your phone number to be added in your account you can simply skip that too.

Bleep instant messenger

Bleep instant messaging

Bleep uses a cloudless technology – that means there is no cloud in between sender and recipient that can be hacked or compromised. All the messages are stored locally. It is all about server less, peer to peer messaging where the data can never be compromised.

Bleep has another interesting feature called Whisper, it lets you send an automatically fading message that would disappear or deleted after a time interval 25 sec. This feature comes handy when you want to send messages for which the recipient must have no record. To start whisper on your phone, tap ‘Go to Whisper’ or press shift while using it on your Windows PC. The whisper feature is screenshot proof too as when you send a whisper message, your name is hidden by replacing the alphabets to asterisks.

Bleep even supports voice calls and that too without any involvement of cloud. The audio is encrypted end to end and hence not stored on any server.

To start using Bleep, you need to sign up first using your email address or your phone. Later you can even add both of them as identities to your account. You can import your existing address book with a simple sign-in to your Google account, people who are already on Bleep will show up and you can send an invites to rest.

If you wish to share your account with someone then what you need to do is simply share the QR code generated by the software or send the public key to another person by any other source of communication.

Overall it is a wonderful experience using this tool. Amazing privacy and amazing features with an intuitive UI. This tool comes handy when you want to send some really important messages that must not leak out to anyone else.

Click here to download Bleep.

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