Best Xbox One Strategy Games you want to check out

Strategy games are games where the decision making ability of the players has the most significance in deciding the winner. While it might include action and thrill, the focus is on the strategy. One traditional example of a strategy game is Chess. It’s said that strategy based video games are not meant for consoles. But this doesn’t seem to be true as many strategy games for Xbox are getting review better than RPG and action games. Even more, a strategy game could have elements of other genres as well. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best Strategy Games for Xbox One.

Best Xbox One Strategy Games

Chessmaster Live: The Chessmaster series was released in 1986, and has since been a best-seller. While many strategy games are launched, Chess is timeless and ageless and so is Chessmaster.

Best Xbox One Strategy Games

The gameplay cannot be changed since traditional chess has its own set of rules. But then, the game’s true fans never wanted a change. If any improvements have been done with the game, they were with the graphics and some help topics. Also extending the game online and introducing multi-player options. But the classic feel of the game will never change.

Halo Wars: In Halo Wars, aliens called Covenants attack the human race. The year is 2531 and humans have to fight back against the aliens to protect their existence. They need to enter the planet of the Covenants and investigate their activities. The combat in the game follows a ‘rock-paper-scissor’ model.

Best Xbox One Strategy Games

Halo wars received positive reviews throughout. Though many critics commented that the action could be much better, the environment and the story compensates for it all. The graphics are quite average, but the gameplay is nice.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3: Set in the early 20th century, the story of the game revolves around an alternate World War 2 like situation. Precisely speaking, the Soviet loses to the allied forces in 1986. Now Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko and Soviet General Nikolai Krukov have the task of using a time machine placed under Kremlin and returning to 1927 to eliminate the famous Physicist Albert Einstein.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

This creates an alternative timeline in the game, upon returning to future in which, the Soviet is victorious over Europe.  However, alternate threats still continue to bother the Soviet around which the gameplay revolves.

Operation Darkness: Another game based on the World War 2, this game has been developed by the Japanese company Success. However, unlike the traditional people centric war theme, the developers went way to far by adding superficial creatures like dragons, etc to the game.

Operation Darkness

The plot involves British SAS fighters combating the Nazi forces. French and American forces are visible, but silent spectators. Later, after being killed, the zombies of the deceased Nazis appear as an added challenge. The brain behind the game left no fantasy excluded as a part of the gameplay.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The game is set in 2015. The plot involves an alien invasion. To counter the invasion, many countries unite and form a council called Extraterrestial Combat Unit (XCOM). The game tries to showcase extreme technology, which is under control of the player, who assumes the role of the commander of the XCOM forces.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The gameplay is interesting. The aliens attempt capturing human civilians while humans are given a task to capture a live alien for research.

Star Trek: Legacy: The game is set in the 23rd century and involves warring spaceships. Though the graphics are a mixture of 2D and 3D, I wouldn’t rate it well on this part. Or to be honest I wouldn’t rate it good on anything other than the gameplay. But if you are really a strategy enthusiast, the gameplay is the only thing that would matter here.

Star Trek: Legacy

The battle arena is literally stuffed up in a pizza box like environment, and the only thrill that the game could give with using tact to counter the threats. Movements are limited to 3 options: pitch, yaw and propelling forwards. But all these simply add to the difficulty of the scene.

Culdcept Saga: One good thing about Japanese gamemakers is that they never fail to create thrilling fantasies in their games. In Culdcept Saga, a young man from a village is sold into slavery for relief to his village. When leaving, he and his new owner encounter 2 women holding a deck of cards. One of them asks the master to release his newly acquired slave.

Culdcept Saga

The character of the young man is controlled by the player. He realizes that he has special powers and can control the magic of the cards, where every card summons a mystical creature.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath: Kane’s wrath is an expansion into the series of Tiberium Wars of the same set of Command & Conquer 3 games.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

It is another of those low graphic but high brainwork strategy games. The players need to build bases and defeat the enemy. If not, another option is to complete counter objectives to proceed further in the game.

When in multi-player mode, the game is turn-based. While it looks like a pretty traditional game, it is the toughest game to understand, and even more difficult to win.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise: Unlike most other strategy games, Trouble in Paradise sports a cute, lively and charming environment, typically based in a garden. The creatures in the game are shaped like piñatas. They have the abilities of the concerned animals like gorillas, ladybugs, crabs, geckos and vultures. Their purpose of the game is to make the garden a better place.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

This game is really meant for children. It gives a positive feel and childlike happiness while playing. The controls have been designed such that children feel comfortable with them.

Civilization Revolution: This game is a must for history enthusiasts. It pushes the timeline to as far as 4000 BC and then gives the player the responsibility of civilizing the world from scratch.

Civilization Revolution

As the players creates the civilization, the role changes to that of future settlers. As and when the new settlers are created, the player has to create more elements of civilization and more further in the timeline of civilization.

Did I miss any?

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