Best websites for Stress Management and Relief

Stress and anxiety, have become an integral part of everyday life. Everyone gets stressed out maybe because of too much work pressure, poor work-life balance, lack of sleep and the list go on. While some have the ability to deal with the stress, others just keep piling up the frustration. What’s worse, before you even realize, these negative thoughts push you deep down in dungeon of depression and not everyone is good at managing stress.

Websites for Stress Management & Relief

What distinguishes the superheroes from the regulars, is how you deal with it. That’s the reason you have to keep a check on your emotional health all by yourself. Trust me, self-help is the best asset, and luckily, the internet is flooded with such fun websites for stress management. Just don’t consistently work, take short breaks and try these websites to deal with stress; they will definitely lighten your mood.

1. Duolingo

Best websites for Stress Management and Relief

Ever heard that a hobby can be a great stress reliever? Well, you heard me. Learning provides knowledge when you seek it, and an escape for “me time” when you need it. Duolingo is a platform where you can learn the variety of new languages as a beginner through pictorial representation. This is very easy with a straightforward user interface. There’s an app version as well which is available for both iPhone and Android users. Check it out here!

2. BoredPanda

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Laughter is good for you; I suppose you know that, right? It is like super vitamin which is essential for your good health. Now Bored Panda is a place where you are going to find humor, exciting and visually appealing content. Whenever feel stressed out or bored, browse through the coolest finds in photography, illustrations, DIY, art & design, technology, travel and lots of other great humor. You can also be a part of the blog by creating the account to vote posts up and down. Click Here.

3. Music Theory

Websites to deal with stress (3)

Many of us have given up something that was once our priority. How great it would be if learning that particular thing in a fun way is just a click away. Music Theory is a website that allows its users to study music intuitively. You can download the app as well available only for iOS platform. You can book yourself for various categories of music basics whichever interests you the most. Engaging yourself in something new always adds value to your soft skills. Check Here.

4. Weave Silk

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Some breaks need to be more creative, so why not try some high-tech doodling. Although you don’t learn anything new out of it, Weave Silk is one of the best websites to deal with stress. It lets you draw on a dark background using your cursor, hold it down to intensify the woven silk effect. It creates a mirror image of whatever you draw on the screen, so you can create beautiful interactive generative art without being a pro visual artist. Go Here.

5. Khan Academy

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If stress or anxiety gets in the way of you being focused, try to deviate your mind towards something you would love to learn. Khan Academy is an educational website that has taken the world by storm. This online video library has multiple courses with video tutorials allowing users to learn on their own. It is absolutely free and available anywhere with internet. So, next time you feel stressed, just think you can always learn something new, and it costs absolutely nothing. Click Here.

6. Fail Blog

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As the name says it all, the Fail Blog is known for its funny content. This blog has been around on the web for longer than other similar sites; thanks to its excellent content. They have a hilariously creative video and gifs category where you are going to find humorous videos depicting disasters, and often mad science fails. In fact, even users can also upload their funny videos, and they might get approved. Just saying. Go Here.

7. Neonflames: Create Your Own Nebula

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You can use a vibrant array of colors to create a colorful Milky way right in your browser. Drag your cursor around the screen to create a calming and artistic display with soothing colors. And the best part is, you can download your art and put it as wallpaper as well. Relaxing, meditative, and pleasing to look at; this is for sure one of the best websites to deal with stress I have come across lately. Try it. Check It Out Here.

8. Mapcrunch

Websites to deal with stress (3)

What is that one thing which you ignore just because you are overloaded with work? Yes, you are right! Traveling. Have you ever wished to travel the world without stepping out of your room? Well, now you can. This website takes you to the random 360-degree street view of anywhere in the world. Interestingly, without moving an inch, you can see far away places in the world. Click Here.

Always on and working has their setbacks. So, get to your happy place with websites mentioned above to deal with stress. If you found these fun websites for stress management useful, don’t forget to share with your friends. Also, are there any other stress management websites you’ve noticed that help you to release stress while remaining online? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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