Best free Mountain Sports games for Windows 10 PC

Mountain sports is an extreme adventure. Not everybody wants to risk their life doing something crazy. But we all want to experience how it feels. Realistic virtual mountain sports games are the perfect getaway. You can have your cake and eat it too. Interestingly, a lot of them are available for free on the Microsoft Store.

Best Mountain Sports games for Windows 10

Here are 10 free mountain sports games for Windows 10. Enjoy the thrill from the safety of your couch.

  1. Mountain Car Drifting 3D
  2. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D
  3. Mad Snowboarding
  4. Slalom Ski Racing
  5. Hill Racing Climb 3D
  6. Monster Truck Offroads
  7. Backcountry Ski Free
  8. Happy Crazy Wheels
  9. Cliff Diving 3D
  10. Uphill Jeep Rally.

1] Mountain Car Drifting 3D

Mountain Car Drifting

Mountain Car Drifting 3D is a Skippy Apps publication. It is available on both PC and mobile. Download this game from the Microsoft Store to enjoy realistic 3D graphics and thrilling mountainous backgrounds. The app now comes with touch support. You can play the game in a time attack mode to make things more exciting. Use a signature red coupe. The best thing about this game is the dedicated control set for burnouts and drifts.

2] Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D

Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D

This is yet another Skippy Apps product. This one’s more thrilling because you don’t just race people, you take them out. The app takes about 80MB of your device storage. You get limited ammo. That is what makes the game challenging. The enemies are not limited, though. Download this game right here and become a pro at acing the head-shot. Realistic 3D graphics will ensure that you feel the heat.

3] Mad Snowboarding

mountain sports games for Windows 10

Do you want to take things to an insane level? Mad snowboarding is the second best thing after actual snowboarding. It does feel almost realistic. Find the game on the Microsoft Store. You will get to choose your path and perform stunts on the mountains. The inbuilt editor allows you to customize levels. You can share them with your gaming community. You can also challenge as many as four friends to compete with you.

4] Slalom Ski Racing

Slalom Ski Racing

Is skiing down the mountains is your thing? Download this game from the Microsoft Store. This app is available on HoloLens, PC, mobile, and Hub. The game is fast-paced, challenging, therefore, extremely enjoyable. The game is designed very realistically. Therefore, actual skiers will enjoy it. Rookie movements will get you in trouble, even if it is only virtual. Focus on the acceleration, pathways, drops, and make sure you don’t crash.

5] Hill Racing Climb 3D

Hill Racing Climb 3D

Racing is one thing: racing on the hills is a different matter. This game isn’t only for people who want to kill some time. The gameplay follows the rules of physics. That means you have to be skillful and careful. Download this game right here for your Windows 10 PC, or Hub. Master the jumps. There will be numerous obstacles to jump over, including pits and water bodies. Practice flips and flaunts the charm of the Physics nerd in you.

6] Monster Truck Offroads

Monster Truck Offroads

Monster Truck races make us all nostalgic. This Monster Truck game set in a rugged hilly region is available on HoloLens, Hub, PC, and mobiles. Find this app on the Microsoft Store. Become a Monster Truck Destroyer. Change engines, customize controls. This game is addictive, to say the least. You get 4×4 offroad trucks for steep mountains. You need to know a thing or two about actual offroading to win this game. You could also turn this around and learn offroading from the game… to an extent.

7] Backcountry Ski Free

Backcountry SkiFree

This app from RESET Game has been available since 2012. It takes only about 5MB of your device storage. The game has rich details despite the small size. Find the app right here. Beware of crashes because every crash costs you your health. Dodging the trees, avalanches, and cliffs will set off an adrenaline rush that is difficult to turn off. Enjoy the Sierra Nevada range with two different music tracks while you ski your way to glory or hell!

8] Happy Crazy Wheels

Happy Crazy Wheels

Go crazy on the hills in your crazy wheels. This is what the game is all about. To just dive in, without wasting any time. If you would like to leap before you look and face no consequences, download the game from the Microsoft Store. It is available on HoloLens, Hub, PC, and obvious on mobile devices. By the time you finish the race, you surely will be happy.

9] Cliff Diving 3D

Cliff Diving

Crashing waves, dangerous rocks, and scary heights. This is what is in store for you with Cliff Diving 3D. Dive from a mighty high platform into the ruthless sea. It’s up to you whether you hit your head. Master the dives, somersaults, and the pikes. Reach higher levels. Keep pushing your limits. Download the game from the Microsoft Store and take it a notch higher. Score bonus points with complex tricks.

10] Uphill Jeep Rally

Uphill Jeep Rally

Participate in a rally on the lofty mountains in your offroading jeep or monster truck. How does that sound? Good enough to keep you on edge? You need some practice to make sure you don’t go over though. Download the game right here for your Windows 10 mobile. Enjoy the hilly environment. You can almost feel the chill with this super-realistic game. We thank Lingo Games for publishing this game. It is indeed a joyride.

All these games are free. Enjoy the ones that get you addicted. You will definitely like more than one.

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