Best Banking and Investments apps for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Wisdom with banking and investment is important. Money multiplies and works for itself in the long run. By the time you retire, whether you would live the rest of your life with financial security or struggle through the period depends a lot of how you invested in your prime.

Banking and Investments apps for Windows 10

If you looking for the list of best finance, banking or investments for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store, then here they are:

  1. My Stocks Alerts & Charts
  2. Fixer upper, foreclosure investing and flip house
  3. Account Balance
  4. Saru
  5. Exchange Rate
  6. Loan Calculator
  7. QuantSense
  8. Deposit Calculator Pro
  9. Virtual Portfolio Manager
  10. Mortgage Calculator +

Here is a list of best banking and investments apps for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store which could help you plan wisely.

1] My Stocks Alerts & Charts

Banking and Investments apps for Windows 10

If you are into stock market trading, this would be the best free app available for you in the market. It is not managed by any stock trading company and simply helps to personalize your stock market data. The app is customized for beginners with little knowledge of using stock market websites. You could use it to check trending stocks and create alerts. Check more about the app on the Microsoft Store.

2] Fixer upper, foreclosure investing and flip house

Fixer upper foreclosure investing and flip house

Nothing could be a better investment than property. Other than the fact that it serves as security for your future, flipping it at the right time could bring great returns. This app helps you in learning to flip houses, find fixer uppers and find foreclosure investing opportunities. You can download it from the Microsoft Store here.

3] Account Balance

Account Balance

Perhaps the most important part of any financial planning is managing your account balance. Though every bank offers its own apps to monitor bank balance, they are usually mobile apps and not desktop ones. Desktop users rely on websites for the same. Even more, you might hold accounts in multiple banks. This is where the Account Balance app could be helpful. It is available on the Microsoft Store here.

4] Saru


Saru is among the best apps to manage income and expenditure simultaneously. You can map all your bank accounts in the same app. It helps in calculating the expenditure and displays it all on a separate window, so you could judge how to spend and how you could curb the surplus expenses. Saru is easy-to-use and perfect for amateurs. Download the app from the Microsoft Store here.

5] Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

Those who work with foreign businesses or invest in currency know the importance of monitoring change the currency exchange rates. The rates keep fluctuating rapidly and this is where the Exchange Rate app comes into play. You can set a frequency on the app for refreshing the currency prices and monitor multiple currencies at the same time. The app allows listing up to 12 currencies on the same page. Get this app from the Microsoft Store and make your work easier.

6] Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator UWP

Other than managing income and saving, it is important to manage your debt. Wrongly managed debt can hamper all your investment plans since the EMIs you pay would be sort of compounded every month. Even more, if your debt is on the credit card, it doesn’t reduce unless you keep paying a little more than the minimum balance. The Loan Calculator app is helpful for the same. You can estimate your monthly payments and manage multiple loans from different banks using the same app. Check more about it on the Microsoft Store here.

7] QuantSense


When I first used QuantSense, I was amazed that such an advanced app was available free of cost. The app helps in managing graphs and sheets of any trade, making the management of the trade easier. The sheets could be imported or exported from the software itself. The software uses Meta Trader 4 and could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

8] Deposit Calculator Pro

Deposit Calculator Pro

The Deposit Calculator Pro software is a basic app in which you could fill the credit and debit entries and it could list out the balance. While all banks provide such options, few are available as desktop apps. Furthermore, the Deposit Calculator Pro app is useful for those who need to manage the balance in multiple bank accounts. You could also create alerts for upcoming expenses so you don’t miss your bill payments. The app is available on the Microsoft Store.

9] Virtual Portfolio Manager

Virtual Portfolio Manager

If you are looking for a complete solution software for managing all your financial portfolios, try Virtual Portfolio Manager. The software has options for organizing assets, comparing currencies, managing investments, etc. While a very simple app, Virtual Portfolio Manager can help you with the toughest of portfolio management. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

10] Mortgage Calculator +

Mortgage Calculator +

Missing on mortgage repayments not only results in a fine but affects your credit score and reputation in the market. You might also lose the mortgaged property upon multiple failures. The Mortgage Calculator + app can help in calculating the interest amounts and managing repayment schedule. You could use it to organize multiple mortgages at the same time. The app is available on the Microsoft Store.

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