Automatically open files and folders when you connect USB to Windows PC with AutoRunnerX


  1. Have you not heard about “AutoPlay” ?
    It´s a built-in function in fx. W7….
    And it´s the first thing that i [B]IMMEDIATELY[/B] turn [B]OFF[/B] after i have installed W7 !
    Why ?
    For improved security…..
    Any “autoruns” can be very dangerous….
    But if you need to have some program to start automatically then why not use the built-in “AutoPlay” ?

  2. @hackerman1, I understand what you want to say but If from trusted source auto runs cant be dangerous!

    And the use of this application basically is, to directly open the file/folder without opening the drive and without affecting the RAM and processing that was going to be used up on opening heavy drives and heavy data! One more feature is to just directly open a portable app from the pendrive or USB drive!

  3. Guys Im just trying to help you out This is the
    Worm.Win32.AutoRun.erx worm dont download it

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