How to auto load music files from a folder to the VLC Playlist

One of our readers asked me a question about whether it is possible to set up a playlist in VLC player, linked to a specific folder on his PC? Also, if any changes are made to this folder like adding or removing files, will they be reflected instantly in the main VLC playlist, when opened? The person was quite sure that a way does exist but couldn’t seem to find the right way. The following guide will show you the way to autoload music files from a folder to the VLC Playlist.

Auto-load music files from a folder to the VLC Playlist

To make things work, we’ll first need to create a Desktop shortcut for VLC player. Then, edit the VLC path in its ‘Properties’ to add the desired path of your folder with multimedia files. Here’s how!

Create a Desktop shortcut of the ‘.exe’ file of VLC on your Desktop.

Media Player

Assuming, you have created a shortcut, right-click on that shortcut and from the context menu select ‘Properties’ and then select the ‘Shortcut’ tab.

In its ‘Target’ field add a string alongside the path as shown in the screenshot below. The part following the initials ‘-LZ’ refers to the path of the folder you desire the VLC Player to work for. The location can differ but ‘-LZ’ must remain unchanged.

Autoload music files from a folder to the VLC Playlist

Once finished, simply hit the ‘Apply’ and open the shortcut you created moments ago to make things work and auto load music files from a folder in the VLC Playlist.

Hereafter, whenever you wish to play your favorite songs or media files from a folder using VLC, simply open access the shortcut from your Desktop/PC screen.

Also, if you wish to download subtitles in VLC media player, do not look for additional plug-ins. This guide – Add subtitles in VLC media player helps you do the job yourself.

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  1. Cyrus

    Hello, Create a Playlist and make its shortcut & place it on your desktop. This is simpler. You can also add more songs from any folder to it any time.

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