Apple iPhone 5S vs Nokia Lumia 1020 Comparison Chart

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Varad Choudhari is a tech enthusiast and gadget freak to the core. All things digital, that’s what he always think about. He enjoys blogging about Tablets, Mobile Phones and other gadgets - and is pretty impressed with the new Windows Phone platform.


  1. 1stkorean

    Looks like Nokia Lumia 1020 wins hands down over the tired boring iToy

  2. Dantv

    Metro sucks sucks sucks. I can’t stand if on the phone or on my computer. So iOS so much better for me.

  3. JoeyM

    It would be better with Android. Windows phone is so annoying.

  4. Mav

    The live tiles are great! Looking at the old, stale, life icons seems so archaic now

  5. PrideLand

    Most Lumia phones including the 1020 are now Bluetooth 4.0. This update was made as part of the GDR3/Black update. The phones were built with 4.0 radios, so it was just a software update that was needed.

  6. PrideLand

    Metro is much better on the phone and is only going to get better.

  7. PrideLand

    WP 8.1 live tiles will actually update up to every minute.

  8. dqweq

    also you can get 64GB 1020s, I have one.

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