AndreaMosaic can create awesome mosaic pictures

Creating a mosaic with images is not particularly difficult, especially if the right tools are in use. The problem is, then, is finding the right tools, and that can be a task within itself. If you’re struggling to locate the perfect Windows 10 program for your mosaic needs, then you’re in luck. Today we’re going to talk much about a tool known as AndreaMosaic. The sole purpose of this program is to create mosaics from digital images, and it’s all about making the task as easy as possible. Here’s the thing, from what we’ve gathered, users can choose the resolution of the mosaic, but that’s not all.

Users can also choose the number of tiles, the file size, among other things that are designed to make AndreaMosaic work the best for them. It’s quite capable, and at first glance, the designed gives you the impression that it’s hard to use. We can say for certain that it’s not easy in the beginning, but once you’ve gotten a hang of things, you’ll be just fine.

Make a mosaic picture with AndreaMosaic

Using the AndreaMosaic tool to create mosaics is pretty simple, but things might not turn out as expected if you lack experience.

  1. Add the main image
  2. Size and Tile parameters
  3. Tile variants
  4. Add other images for the mosaic
  5. Create the mosaic

1] Add the main image

Make a mosaic picture with AndreaMosaic

The first step to take in creating your mosaic is to add the main image. This is done by clicking on the green button, then from there, just find your picture and add it in. You’ll see the image in the box so you can know if you’ve made a perfect choice.

2] Size and Tile parameters

OK, so before we move forward, it’s time to edit the size parameters and set them to your liking. Users can edit the mosaic size, the mosaic resolution, tile size, and adapt the size. It’s pretty straightforward if you ask us, so amateurs shouldn’t have a hard time getting what they want.

When it comes down to the tile parameters, this is where the user changes the patters, half tiles, and quarter tiles. Additionally, the other options make it possible to decide whether or not to use the same title, duplicate the spacing, or alter the color of images by a certain percentage amount.

3] Tile variants

With the Tile variants feature, then, users can do quite a few things by simply ticking boxes. Users can rotate the tile by 90 to 180 degrees. Want to flip vertically? No problem, Bob, this is very much a possibility here.

Once everything is done, simply click on the save button to make sure your settings won’t go away should something unexpected goes down.

4] Add the other images for the mosaic

In terms of adding the other images to the mosaic, then users must click on the picture across from the green plus button at the top to begin the process. Once the button is clicked, you’ll see the options for adding the pictures needed for the mosaic.

Select the one you want, add the images, then hit OK. Before doing that, you can choose to convert the images to black & white during the mosaic creating process.

5] Create the mosaic

Finally, its time to create the mosaic to get everything aligned to how you want it to be. Simply click on the button with the #3 attached, then sit back and wait for the mosaic to be created. Bear in mind that you might see an error that suggests the reducing of the duplicate spacing.

If this is not done, then you’ll come across several dark spaces in your mosaic. Download the AndreaMosaic tool directly from the official website.

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