Seeking alternatives to Google Picasa? Look no further!

With the death of Picasa, users are out looking to find the next best thing. Not everyone wants to support Google Photos or use the Picassa Desktop application now, especially since the former is an internet based service, and the latter unsupported. So what to do? Well, there are several programs available right now that can replace Picasa on your Windows PC, and we are going to talk about free alternatives to Google Picasa. These programs are the closest you’ll get to having that feel of using Picasa. Furthermore, some have better features to play around with, so before long, Picasa will become a memory.

Alternatives to Google Picasa

Alternatives to Google Picasa

Windows Live Photo Gallery: Most folks should already know of Windows Live Photo Gallery since it has been around for quite some time. It can be found in the Windows Live Suite, so make sure to tick only the programs you need before downloading. For many, Windows Live Photo Gallery is the best alternative to Picasa because it does most of the same things. Users can manage and edit their photos along with tagging the geolocation. It is also possible to share images to Facebook, Flickr, OneDrive, Vimeo and more. Get it from Microsoft.

JetPhoto Studio: One of the reasons for using JetPhoto Studio is the feature that allows the user to tag photos on a map. Users can also create custom albums and obviously, add pictures to them. Furthermore, it is possible to tags to every image along with marking them with a star. We found out that we could even generate Flash files with this program, so that’s a good addition. Go get it here.

BonAView: This is one of those unknown Picasa alternatives, but it is still a decent enough picture manager nonetheless. The design of the UI fails in-comparison when compared to Picasa, so some users might not become too invested. When it comes down to the features, users won’t find anything impressive here outside of the ability to annotate pictures and view things in 3D. Outside of that, well, it is what it is. Download it here.

FastStone Image Viewer: Another alternative to Picasa, and another one with a terrible user interface. The good thing about FastStone Image Viewer is the fact that it is more than just a program to store images. Users can edit and even convert images in batch. It is also possible to apply effects to images and perform a screen capture. Users, should they need to, can compare two images side-by-side, a feature we expect many to take advantage of. Available here.

XnViewMP: This piece of software is not bad when it comes down to being a Picasa alternative. There’s really nothing much in difference when compared to Picasa and the other offerings on this list. Users can organize their images, edit images, cropping images, and the ability to share. Go get it here.

Overall, we’d go with Windows Live Photo Gallery at the end of the day. It’s a solid experience, and because the design feels modern and not clunky, it should be a breeze.

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  1. I would add Honeyview: Ultrafast Image Viewer to the list as well.

  2. Michael Schindler

    Those are no real alternative to picasa. They are simple photoviewers iwth no online connection to google photos.

  3. Priscilla Lopez

    Another alternative that can be listed in your post is Apowersoft Photo Viewer. Aside from basic image viewing function, it can also take screenshots and edit images. Quite useful, right?

  4. Ria Mulvaney

    true :O) .. sadly , nothing out there..
    JUST “here are pictures” .. no story attached :O(..

  5. 4TimesAYear

    Bet none of those has the “museum matte” frames.

  6. Bill Parker

    Picasa was really good to use, I don’t see anything that is a direct replacement. Why on earth did they scrap it?

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