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With every new update, the arrangements in software and tools changes to make it better for customer use. Google Photos app seems to be following this policy quite often. The latest update rolled out for Google Photos app intends to make it easier for users to put their recent images in new albums. How? When a person returns from an event or trip, Google Photos will automatically compile and suggest an album of your latest photos so that you have a story crafted out from it.

Google Photos

Google Photos new features

So, if you are prone to the habit of editing photos, the latest update from Google will help you do away with it. The move takes Google, a step closer to bring automation to every facet of its photo management app and organize things in an orderly manner. Machine learning technique has a key role to play in it. The methods of the technique are really powerful for fitting predictive models and for doing classification on large-scale, high-dimensional data.

Once Google Photos App has access to your device, it will select, organize and look after all the details like how far you traveled, or use location pins to help you remember places you visited recently.

Google Photos will send you a notification, once, it is done with the job. You can further customize those automated albums, if required with captions and collaborate with other Google Photo users. For some reasons, if you prefer to create your own albums, Google allows users the discretion to customize the album with maps and text captions to describe your mood.

Apart from the above, the update v1.17 focuses on managing the device’s storage space in an efficient manner. Although, this update may not be viewed as a significant update, it will surely be helpful for those who are space conscious or are using mobile devices with limited storage space. For instance, 8GB or 16GB of built-in storage.

Other change that is visible in the new update is the replacement of the original photo with the edited one. Until now, when you edited and saved an image inside the Google Photos app, it was saved as a copy in the device’s storage. This is no more to be seen as once the image has been edited, it will replace the original image, resulting in saving of some amount of space. A dialogue box will pop up informing users of the change after they edit their first photo in the updated app.

Nevertheless, if a user feels to restore the original image he can simply open it, tap the three-dot option visible in top-right corner of the screen, and press on the “Undo edits” option to view the original shot.

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