Review: Alarms App for Windows 8.1


  1. This app is nicely presented, but on a desktop it just doesn’t seem to function properly – it’s the same with other similar apps that rely on a sound notification (not a pop up notification in the usual sense, but the sound used for an alarm), the sounds simply do not work. Does anyone else have this problem on 8.1? Is there a fix to it?

  2. I have the same problem. Nice alarm clock but no sound on my surface. I have a a big PC and thst works fine. My friends surface works fine and I have seen it working on a surface rt. I have read the app reviews at the windows store and others are having the same problem. I hope MS is working on a fix for it.

  3. I know the cure for that. Turn on all notifications via the system settings in the charms bar – every single notification you can switch on get it switched on, it’ll work after that. I’m not sure if it’ll work over the lock screen on windows 8.1, as I haven’t tested that yet, but I do believe it works so long as everything is on as it should be before you run the app.

  4. Thank you. Still that didn’t make my sound work on the alarm. Keep trying something has to work.

  5. Charms >> Settings >> Change PC Settings >> Search and Apps >> Notifications >> Play Notification Sounds == On

  6. I have the same problem, I get the red screen with the alarm clock but nothing else, can’t find anyway to set an alarm!

  7. One of the most annoying apps on Windows 8. No way to shrink it to a window… Damn thing takes up my entire screen, which is a big high-definition 1080p widescreen display. I don’t need this thing taking up my entire god damn screen. Because of this I am forced to use third party software

  8. Pressing windows key+Q, type alarms. Result ” show alarm apps on lock screen. Click the link and hey presto,result “No alarms: go to windows store to find alarms” Nice???

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