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A few days back, we checked out PDFill. Advanced PDF Utilities Free is another free PDF utility from PDF Core. Released under terms of freeware license, Advanced PDF utilities free can be used to manage daily PDF tasks such as, splitting pages, convert PDF to text & convert image to PDF or vice versa. With this free software you can easily manage and improve your PDF file. This software comes with a set of interesting and useful features that we will discuss in this post.

The software is elegantly designed with a user-friendly interface. The principle of interface is taken from Microsoft Office 2010; everything is aligned properly in the top Ribbon bar. There are total 9 tabs that contain all the features of the software. Let us discuss about each tab one by one:

1. PDF Preview

Under this tab you can view a PDF file, apart from viewing you can even Print and Save your PDF file. This tab includes a basic PDF viewer with all the navigation functions such as Next Page, etc. One more feature that is available under this Tab is Document properties. With this option you can edit the basic information of your PDF file, and also include your name or simply a description of the File.

2. PDF to Image

This tab is used to convert a PDF file into an image file. To convert your PDF into image, what you need to do is simply set the starting and the ending page, select the image format, resolution and finally click on the “Convert PDF to Image” option. And your task is done!

3. PDF to Text

This tab is used to convert a PDF file into a Text File. The usage is same as of the second tab (PDF to image).  With this tab you can even export your PDF file to Microsoft Word format.

4. PDF Merge

With this tab you can merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF file. The usage is very simple – you just need to select your multiple PDF files and click on the “Merge PDF” option, and the rest of the work is done by the software.

5. PDF Split

In the previous tab we merged multiple files. In this tab we can split a file into different multiple files. It offers the opposite functionality of the  previous tab. For splitting a file, we need to select a page range. For example, if I want to split a file after every 5 pages, I will have to select my page range and click on “Split PDF” button. That’s all.

6. Scan PDF/JPG to PDF

This tab is used to scan a file into PDF file. I mean that you can choose an Image file or a PDF file and you can embed it into a new PDF file. Scanning can be even done from a hardware device such as Scanner. The results are real-time and are done with an awesome quality.

7. OCR

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Under this tab you can recognize characters from your PDF file and export them into a text file. This feature is very useful when you want something to be recognized from a handwritten source. OCR will recognize all the characters in your PDF file and it would make your task much easier. The program has a specialty in Optical Character Recognition.

8. Tools

The Tools tab contain some of the security tools which can be used to encrypt PDF file with a password or remove a password from a PDF file. You can even apply a digital signature to a PDF file from this tools tab.

9. Help

It views the basic info about the software and some of the basic FAQs that would help you when you use the program.

All this is available in Advanced PDF utilities free. Click here to download it.

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