Add Shared Workbook buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

The subscribers of Office 365 may not find it easy to locate the buttons related to the ‘Shared Workbook’ feature in the Review tab of Microsoft Excel. The feature is deeply hidden and not enabled by default. Microsoft claims it has removed so since Excel offers better ways to share workbooks. Nevertheless, if you want to change this and add Shared Workbook button to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel, follow this post.

Add Shared Workbook buttons to Excel Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is the place where small buttons for taking quick actions reside. It can be found adjacent to the ‘Save’ option in the top-left corner of the Excel window.

To begin, click the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Options’ from the list displayed.

Next, choose ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ from the left pane.

Now, expand the list under ‘Choose commands’ from and select ‘All Commands’.

Add Shared Workbook buttons to the Excel Quick Access Toolbar

When done, scroll down the list to locate ‘Share Workbook (Legacy)’ item. When found, select it and click Add.

Finally, click OK.

The newly added Share Workbook button will now appear at the top of the Excel window.

Like the above, you can follow the same procedure to add

  • Track Changes button
  • Protect and Share button
  • Compare and Merge Workbooks button

Please note that you may find some articles showing these buttons visible under the Review tab. However, after following the steps above, these buttons will be added to the Quick Access Toolbar instead.

Also, make sure you want to use these buttons before making any changes since it has many limitations. Most users recommend and prefer using Co-Authoring feature over Shared Workbooks. It is an alternative for Shared Workbooks.

If you’re using a version of Excel that supports co-authoring, check out our post on how to co-author and collaborate on Excel Workbooks at the same time.

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