10 Useful Facebook, Add-ons, Tricks, Tips

On my quest to find the most useful things for Facebook, I came across these Facebook tips, tricks and add-ons, that might come in handy for the daily Facebook user.

Facebook Tricks, Tips, Add-ons

Facebook Colour Changer for Firefox users

A user-script for the Firefox Add-on Greasemonkey that allows you to Change your Facebook Color Scheme from the default blue to any you choose using a color selector. Download page

FFixer for Firefox users

A user-script for users with or without Greasemonkey that enables several enhancements such as bigger profile pictures, make viewing of photo albums easier, adds links to download videos, showing people’s ages and signs, Google Calendar integration, bookmarks, keyboard shortcuts and more. Download page

KeepTube for Firefox users

A user-script that allows you to download Videos(HD 1080p & 720p), DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo and many more.

Share on Facebook IE Accelerator

Quickly share webpages, links or on Facebook using the Right-Click menu in IE Accelerator Addon. Download Add-On from the IE Gallery

Facebook Taskbar Pinning with IE

If you’re a fan of pinning your favorite sites to the taskbar, Facebook is supported as well. When you right-click the pinned icon in the taskbar you have options for News, Messages, Events, Friends, Facebook Home and Start Facebook in InPrivate Browsing. More information on pinning a site to Taskbar available from the Internet Explorer Gallery page.

For Fun

Just bored and wanting to have a little fun? Or maybe you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean Fan – then scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page in the Footer of the page where it displays your language, click it and you will be displayed with the language selector. Look for English on the Left and click it. Want to be a Pirate select English (Pirate) or if you just want to have some fun select English (Up-Side Down).

Facebook Comments

Add Facebook Comment Box to your Website\Blog. Visit the Facebook Developers Page to customize how your Comment Box will appear and get the code to use.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome and Opera do not require hitting the Enter Key. Hitting Alt +/or? will automatically set to the Search Box. if you hit Enter it will bring you to the Search Page. Alt + M does not work in IE.

Chat Emoticons

Import your Facebook Contacts to Gmail, Yahoo and Live Hotmail

  • Hotmail

Log into Hotmail and on the top right toolbar click Options. Select More options. Under the heading Customize your Contacts, select Importing Contacts. Click the Facebook Icon and then select the options you want available. Click Connect with Facebook.

I have not used this but I am told it will send requests to each of your friends on Facebook.

  • Gmail

You can use your Hotmail or Email account or any other that can connect to Facebook and create a CSV file that you can use  to import contacts to Gmail but there is a quick way to generate this file. Friends to Gmail will allow you to connect to Facebook and will generate a page with all your contacts. Just copy the text to Notepad and save as nameyouwant.csv. Log into Gmail and click Contacts, click More Actions in the toolbar and click Import. Select your CSV file you can now import your Facebook friends to Gmail.

  • Yahoo

Log into your Yahoo Mail and on the left where the Contacts heading is listed click Add. Click the Facebook Icon with the heading, Import email addresses from your Facebook friends to Yahoo! Contacts. Click the Facebook Icon and next you will be presented with a verification page, click Okay. If you are logged into Facebook it will automatically retrieve your Facebook friends and add them to your Yahoo contacts.

These are just a few of the thousands of Add-on’s and Tricks available across the web for Facebook. If you know of any more such, please do share in the Comments.

Security tips for Facebook is something you may also want to have a look at!

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