Add Google Drive and Dropbox as Save locations in Microsoft Office

Nowadays, cloud is the most advanced platform for saving and sharing your files over the internet. Keeping a backup of all your important documents on cloud is undoubtedly a good practice. Talking about Microsoft Office, it supports saving files to cloud and that too particularly on Microsoft’s Skydrive. But if you are using Dropbox or Google Drive cloud services then this tutorial will guide you on adding Google Drive and Dropbox as Save locations in Microsoft Office.

Here is the step by step guide with screenshots:

Step 1: Open any one product from Office, and then go to File and then Account and login with your Microsoft Account, skip this step if already signed in.

Account 001

Step 2: Download the SaveFolders script from TechNet. Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder.

Step 3: Download and install Dropbox from here or Google Drive from here. Once installed obtain the path to Dropbox/Google Drive folder on your computer.

Cloud path 003

Step 4: Now navigate to the directory where you’ve extracted the zip file downloaded in Step 2. Right click the file ‘SaveFolders.ps1’ and select ‘Run With Powershell’. Wait for Powershell window to appear and start executing the script.

Shell 004

Step 5: Now you will encounter a window where you need to enter the path for cloud folders obtained in Step 3. Enter the paths to folders in respective text fields or you can hit ‘Find My Folder’ to automatically get the path but this feature is only supported with Dropbox. Now click ‘Apply’ button and hold back for a while.

Enter Path 005

Step 6: Restart Office and navigate to ‘File’ and then ‘Account’. Click on ‘Add a Service’ then ‘Storage’ and then the cloud service you have opted for.

In my case it is ‘Google Drive’, if you’ve followed this tutorial for Dropbox, then you will see ‘Dropbox’ option instead of Google Drive or if you are doing it for both then you will see both Google Drive and Dropbox in the list.

Add Service

So as you can see, it is very simple and easy to add Google Drive and Dropbox as Save locations to Microsoft Office.

Now the next time you go to ‘Save As’ menu you will see an option to save your file to the cloud service you’ve chosen for.

Save Option 007

Adding these folders was only possible due the SaveFolders script by Andreas Molin hosted on TechNet.

If you face any difficulties in understanding any step feel free to ask your queries and questions in the comments section below.

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  1. Michael Morales

    I got as far as Step 4. After clicking “Run with Powershell” a window quickly opened and closed, the the promised window in Step 5 never materialized. I’m running the 64-bit version of Win7. Any thoughts?

  2. Stephan Van Zon

    I runned the script and it says that dropbox have been added. But when I start office 2016 (!) then the location is not added. Is the script it not working for 2016?

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