Access Windows Phone MarketPlace from anywhere with WP7 MarketPlace Enabler

Sometime back we had blogged about a simple registry  tweak which would allow Windows Phone users from India, where Windows Phone is officially available, but where the MarketPlace is not yet available, to access and download free as well as paid apps. It was also mentioned that one was able to buy Paid apps, effect payment via one’s Credit Card and for which one also received a sale confirmatory receipt from Microsoft.

WP7 MarketPlace Enabler, goes a step further to make things more easy. It allows you to access the MarketPlace from anywhere in the world via your Zune software.

You will be able to download the free apps for free

For the Paid apps you will ofcourse be required to pay as usual, via your Credit Card. This should presumably also translate into more sales for the WP7 app developers.

Hopefully Windows Phone users from all over the world will now be able to enhance their  Windows Phone functionality and use it too its fullest potential. A Windows Phone (or any phone for that matter) without apps does feel crippled, and this tool should help WP7 users realize the beauty of their new operating system from Microsoft.

To use this tool, first run the .exe file, from the drop-down menu select the country from where you want to access the MarketPlace and click Apply. It will add your country code to your Windows computers registry. Thats all!

Now connect your Windows Phone to your Windows PC.

Your Zune software will automatically start and you will be alerted with a following message: Features have changed.  Click OK. You will see the Marketplace tab too now, in your Zune software.

Do note that, you may have to first run the Enabler, before, every time you connect your Windows Phone.

WP7 MarketPlace Enabler has been tried on and works with Zune software v 4.7.1404.0. It may  or may not work with later versions.

WP7 MarketPlace Enabler v 1.0 has been developed by me for The Windows Club.

If you require help or wish to give feedback please visit The Windows Club Forum’s Feedback Thread.

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