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5 interesting facts about the 5G Network

This is the era of 4G cellular networks, and we are already experiencing super fast Internet speeds, but it’s time for the next-gen. The successor to 4G is 5G network, and it is coming very soon. A lot of top companies like Samsung and Nokia are already investing billions into this new technology, and it seems quite promising at least till now.

5G Network facts

Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of what 5G is. We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 facts about the upcoming 5G network.

1. 5G is expected to be super fast

While this is one point that you would have already thought about, you don’t really know the intensity of 5G yet. It is expected that 5G network will be at least 200 times as fast as current 4G speeds! This means that your connectivity speeds will cross 1GBps as 5G kicks into mainstream life. At that rate, you’ll be able to download an HD movie in seven seconds.

2. There are no regulations or standards sets

As 5G isn’t a reality yet, there are no defined standards, regulations or specifications for the technology as of now. The international wireless standards body, 3GPP, is yet to define the exact specifications, along with Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Cisco Systems, and Verizon. This announcement might come alongside the next generation of wave radio transmissions standards that will be released in 2018.

3. 5G will be available on or before 2020

Yes, there still is a lot of time for 5G network to be widely available across the world. As mentioned before, companies like Samsung, Nokia and Ericcson are already gearing up to invest and research in 5G, but it will take at least 3-4 years for the project to become a mainstream reality. AT&T and Verizon are also invested into the new technology and are currently using 5G signals at their offices. Verizon says it will roll out tests in Boston, New York, and San Francisco later this year.

4. 5G will be quite costly

5G technology is expected to be costlier than 4G, but not by much. After release, 5G will be quite expensive but will soon be made cheaper as time passes, and audiences adapt to it. Companies like Huawei and Nokia are expecting 5G to be expensive as well but think that it cannot be priced much higher than current 4G rates. The cost of new technology will be higher because the providers cover the initial investment on towers and R&D.

5. 5G is much more than just high speeds

Yes, it will be 200 times faster than 4G, but 5G technology is much more than just high speed. It is mostly related to making sure the networks can handle a massive increase in the number of devices. Internet Of Things, as a concept, will be hugely successful by 2020 and you will need a beast like 5G to handle how your radio, car, and television connect and work with each other.

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