• http://www.iamlee.com/ Mister Lee

    Good Post Anand. My own email address “misterlee@” i keep it like my own. Can never loose it. Once i got hacked because of weaker password, and the one who got into my account successfully changed all the details, everything infact, that there was NO POSSIBLE way for me to recover it.

    So i contacted the support team by mail. they sent me back a form, a questionnaire which asked me almost everything i remember about my email. like, name 5 people who u emailed the most, tell us subject of 5 emails u sent, like so so many questions.. I filled it with almost 90% accuracy, as much i remembered.

    And in another half hour, my account was RESET to a date which i asked. to a date 3 or 4 days before my mail got hacked. just like system Restore. And all my info everything as if its untouched. Plus i got to use new security features.

    Now my Primary Windows PC is the trusted PC.
    plus have my phone security added.

    Hotmail truly is safe and im really happy with hotmail.
    thought to mention my experience, coz its a real nice thing to share.

  • Goodoldm

    I have had problems with Live since, I think 2007. My Hotmail would recognize me sometimes resulting in many of my messages lost. I tried to quit both hotmail & Live again recently only to be jerked around by on-screen prompts. Dude, I anint ever using that crap. I’m an old guy & do not want to be connected to a bunch of technology I do not have or want. How many folks died having their Live account out there somewhere ?

  • Lachlancupit

    what if the account that the email links to is an old or disabled email account? Or you dont have a phone number linked to your account?

  • robertlockwoodmills

    “I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to be of assistance to you.”?????

    What planet are you living on? I’ve answered the same questions twice, and nothing happened. I e-mailed one of their technical support people…IGNORED. I’ve written a two-page letter to their headquarters in Washington state…IGNORED. What on earth would lead you to think Microsoft cares about the public?

  • 666Damo666

    tried all that and it didnt work…. now thanks to some idiot who had nothing better to do and microsoft sending me in circles, i cant even access my paypal etc which is also extremely annoying

  • Gil Higham

    I have a blocked account but when I go through the procedure I am told I have tried too many times and cannot get any further

  • DannyT92

    well said robert tell ya f**k microsoft now they can shove the xbox’s and other products up there arse SONY all the way now

  • magdala

    What happen if use a different cell phone number if the old cell phone do not work anymore?

  • oliver

    Thats my predicament :( But both my phone linked to it and my email are gone and when I try and do it by the other way it says ive tried too many times

  • oliver

    Fucking microsoft… this email was also registered for origin and I just bought battlefield 4 and premium…. thats fucking £80 down the fucking drain! Ive tried everything? can anyone tell me if there is HUMAN support… the fucking bot keeps screwing me over

  • aston

    winthout the moble how can we unblock

  • aston

    and how to sig out the window store

  • Madiba

    Hi, I recently forgot my password, I tried to sign using the code system, but I never receive any code, both via email sms text ,am sure it the same number and email because it gives you a hint and ask for Las four digits, I really need to get into my skydrive, so its it a server issues because when I setting up email I did get an sms also I did change password and primary email I still got A sms, how are they not having email or phone support, as soon I fix am done with outlook, I do love their layout.

  • jess

    My hotmail account has been locked for 4 days now. I do not have a secondary e-mail account or SMS device. What do I do? I am OUT OF MY MIND with all my e-mails in there! HELP ASAP!!

  • Annoyed sumbitch

    This is the biggest crap ever invented, i have had like 40 emails now and all suspended. Suspend my email one more time and ill freak out

  • acevigilante

    It is disgusting. Awful. Have you no shame – You block my account because you are paranoid and there is no way I can access it again. Fuck you Microsoft Windows Outlook. I hope your death is long and slow and terribly painful. YOU CUNT

  • Miguel M

    I got a new pc from abroad and i set up an a quick account for outlook and im not able to login obiosuly because i forgot what passwd i dont remember it at all how can i acces my compuetr now my computee is HP windows 8

  • jake

    Outlook is crap.
    I was recently on holiday and put the correct details to access my own damned hotmail account and the account got blocked.
    If i wanted to enter a code i would do it when i want not when you microsoft scum tell me to do so.
    Ever since outlook has taken over my hotmail it has been an absolute bloody nightmare.
    So slow and far too much spam.

  • afz

    i.got the same thing that ” looks likes someone else might be using your account please help i even send secret code to my other email address but did not recieve anything and i have important mails in that email

  • Mariah

    this hasn’t helped at all I sent my form in and I haven’t sent emails or changed my password, it wont let me reset my password, i really need to get this issue fixed because i use this account to reserve my pay slips? I’ve tried calling Microsoft and they cant do shit.

  • Jimmy Hendricks

    My account was blocked and i tried everything, I mean everything.

    I changed my password, filled out the questionnaire with all the right details but nothing worked.

    Finally, I went to this site


    A technician called me & fixed my account.

    I was paranoid for almost 3 days. But thank god its all sorted now.

  • Jimmy Hendricks


    A technician called me & fixed my account.

    I was paranoid for almost 3 days. But thank god its all sorted now.

  • san

    i am using microsoft account and my account is block every time when i am change the location like us and uk and rassia so that ip is change. and block my account every time. what worng with me. and given to every time given verification code it is not right way because more time wasted so think about that

  • active

    The general public are treated as FOURTH world by Microsoft. Very very poor. I have been involved with computers from 1979. Through the days of DOS 1-3 and then windows. I found myself with more than just 1 computer. I have them networked and NAS installed.
    When windows 8 came and Office 2013 it was not explained fully. It appeared to me that each computer needed its own windows ID. So each one was given one when asked. I installed Office 2013 as an upgrade. This was soon after it came out. A major issue is to identify your product code. It appears now if you misplace it you have to buy the product again,.
    Microsoft can NOT supply support to find the codes for you and your registration.
    Another issue here is do they DELETE accounts which have registered software accounted to them?
    Support just will not help you. They are not support.
    My problem came when I had a massive VIRUS attack on my PC. It took me a day to get it back party working, but NOT my OFFICE 2013. 56 viruses removed by NORTON anti Virus etc.
    Norton third party support keep away from. I understood a while back that my PC was being worked on by NORTON Support only to find at the last minute a request for money. Immediately I REFUSED and took action to disconnect but in that time I think he did place corrupt files on my PC which now makes it difficult to use.
    When you call for support make sure who you are talking to.
    A Microsoft call I made went all over the world to be hung up on when they stated they did not support Australia. Very RUDE.

  • Steve

    Same situation too .I had suspend and leave hotmail totally now. Not the only one email provider stay in this planet . Good bye hotmail almost 20 year user .

  • Jannik

    Hello, Microsoft don’t want to give me my account back, i gave them every information i have about this e-mail account, but its a private one that i dont use as much to know what my last email were about and stuff. pls help me

  • galigoula

    my hotmail account has been hacked ,from about a month ,i tried to recover by sms code ,but didn’t receive any code on my mobile ,then i tried the step by step procedures they answered me unsufficent informations ,but i feel like no one is trying to help me and no one will give me my rights , so my question is if i know an international lawyer from lahay court , can take my rights from microsoft by going with them to the court ? it’s my email since 2004 and i lost about 9000 mail , and i told them it’s so easy to go and see my mails they can check my credit card payment i even tried to send them my passports picture and my shengen visa ,but nobody is their for help .

  • melbpete

    I have an issue where I logged into my Hotmail account and it asked for a verification code which I have given another Hotmail account for, when I log into the 2nd Hotmail account it says it needs a verification code which it sends to the 1st Hotmail account, so it has now become an endless loop. Then I am asked for several questions the answers would be easy to give if I could access my Hotmail account , but as I cant’ I’m trying my best to remember my Hotmail account folders and the email addresses of people I have sent emails to.

  • bill

    This is complete bullshit, my accounts been hacked and sending shitloads of auto mail,ive tried recovery,filled out the form only to be told i need to give MORE details. I’ve answered the secret question given alternate email AND ITS STILL NOT ENOUGH?! FUCKING RIDICULOUS

  • chibirakun

    Same thing happened to me folks, I got locked out of my account because they think somebody has accessed it, I think it’s just a mistake on their part because I don’t even use it anymore, just so happens that most of my social media log in info is linked via hotmail. Though I can still access those sites, Outlook itself is being a major pain.

    And since I’m living in a foreign country right now there is literally no way for me to use my old number to recover the account, good job Microsoft, in making your service so automated that you won’t have to filter through all the complaint emails. Anyways, Gmail hasn’t disappointed me yet so I’ll stick with them.

  • Noobaru -Kun

    MAN FUCK MICROSOFT AND THER SHIT EMAIL. They managed to fucking block ALL my email accounts, now i cant get them back because the only method they have is to fucking phone my non-existing phone number. Im just trying to tell some other site that im real. BUT THESE FUCKERS BLOCKED EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.EMAIL. I HAVE!!!!! Now i have to explain to the other site, that thanks to micropieceofshitsoft. and their bugged and shitty OUTLOOKLIKESHIT, i cant even verify my email adress, because they thought id be a good idea to BLOCK every single email i have, and believe me, ive tried getting them back, I went and MANAGED to log in to an old email acount that hasnt been raped and fucked by microfags, i got the reset password code email, i went and RESET THE FUKING PASSWORD, I went to log in with my new password and what do i get? THE EXACT SAME PIECE OF SHIT ACCOUNT RECOVERY SCREEN!!!! WTF! now i cant even verify by email, NOW THEY WANT ME TO ANSWER BY SENDING ME A TEXT, which wouldve been fine, EXCEPT THAT PHONENUMBER IS 10 YEARS OLD AND I DONT HAVE IT ANY FUCKING MORE! And what can I do about it? DICK, thats what i can do about it. Can i try to explain to microsoft? NOPE, all i get is a “good faith” form i have to fill, with my last email topics from YEARS AGO, LIKE ID FUCKING REMEMBER!! And hope the good people of microsoft decide to give you your account back. MY ONLY FUCKING HOPE NOW, IS THAT PEOPLE IN JAGEX REALIZE HOW PIECE OF SHIT HOTMAIL IS, AND CHANGE MY FUCKING REGISTERED EMAIL TO MY NEW, MUCH FUCKING BETTER, NO BULLSHIT GMAIL. Do yourselves a fucking favour and use GMAIL. then you dont have to deal with this piece of crap bullshit. SERIOuSLY DONT GET OUTLOOK. Gmail is much fucking better, and is run by a company who’s not currently in bullshit wars with other companies and will not fuck you in the process. GET GMAIL. FUCK HOTMAIL. I see now my mistakes in being ignorant and not getting gmail before.

    I hope people that use hotmail read this and if they manage to unfuck their accounts, delete it anyway, unregister any other account to that email and make a gmail account. I really fucking mean it

  • Saturnine

    I have been locked out of my outlook email account and in order for it to be unlocked “immediately” I have to give them my credit card details.

  • Wickedpedia PHil

    i have a verified paypal running on a blocked hotmail so far i never needed to log in at Microsoft,even after following this process (the second option) https://account.live.com/password/reset they still had the nerve to say that my account was still blocked ..microsoft should really go eat a dick i’m definitely through with’em get yourself a Gmail guys fuck’em,these excessive security measures are straight up Forrest Gump ,we ain’t corporations and big companies Jesus lighten up ..and btw the Xbone sucks ass…lol..fuck outta here with this shit

  • Tigershark15

    I dont know what CIA secrets have in there God Damn Emails. Signing in to any Microsuck program or whatever is next to impossible. You have to have the cloud to get it all synced together and every frikkin time you even manuvear around the site it asks for your F Ing Password. Which you havnt used in years because MS Sucks. You reset that password and then you try to move on and guess what? You have to reset your password again for the next thing then that messes up the password you just RESET!!!!! Un Believable. Maybe have a system for people who dont give a shit who reads there E Mails!!!

  • diamond

    diamondbabank@gmail.com i want to block this scam email

  • Sick of this shit

    So, i don’t have a phone because i lost it and can’t buy a new one at the moment. My email got blocked and i can’t unblock it for the life of me. I made three new emails just to put sht in and everytime it gets blocked. This sht is soo annoying, its like they can’t understand the fact that most people own more than one pc and more than one device connected to the internet. If someone know of a email service that just leave me the fk alone, please recommend me.

  • Guru.b1285

    Can i recover mails from the blocked email addresses.

  • Clark

    Wel my friend so did I. Microsoft is just a shittt asss fuck Company that dont give a fuck about your account, I send them all my fucking info of my account and some good ones too and still they say NOT ENOUGH. I tryed it 4 times and still the same replay back too me I got the most outrages rage moment. I really like to have a word with microsoft about this cause they suck hard and they earn allot with doing nothing.

  • LS R

    You Microsoft ASSHOLES. This safety crap just appears randomly and blocks you out, and there is NOTHING one can do to recover the fucking account. More than 15 years of use and now this crap, way to recognize the constant use of your crap services. Way to go, I will now only use Gmail. As for my account, you can shove it up your fucking asses, fucking microsoft fucktards.

  • Angietolz

    My sons credit card for his pay pal,is linked to my email address ,he forgot all login details now I’ve had a message saying Microsoft on my iPad is going to be removed

  • Angietolz

    All my son tried to do is remove his card from the account ,can anyone help plz

  • Carrie Hachborn-Hamilton

    I am receiving this message: Please try again

    You have exceeded the number of times you may request a verification code. Please try again later.

    How long do I have to wait? Is there ANYWHERE to get help with this?

  • Carrie Hachborn-Hamilton

    Did you ever get back into your account?

  • Emma Fox

    Can someone here please help us with out email account. its my partners email account. it has been hacked and emails have been sent to friends. we dont have our old landline number anymore which is on the account and we have filled out a form as well but to no avail. please help

  • Emma Fox

    hello our problem has been fixed. thank you everyone for your help and suggestions, we got it fixed at http://www.hotmailhelp .co.uk thank you

  • Jimdew

    Microsoft’s security is pure BS. Every time I travel to a different city, I’m locked out and can not access my e-mail. I have no other e-mail account. They want to send a code to a mobile phone I haven’t had in a year. I can not change the mobile phone number. There is no way to contact them either EXCEPT WITH THE E-MAIL ADDRESS I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS BECAUSE THEY LOCKED ME OUT! World class jerks.

  • taykn

    FaceBook pulled the same…We don’t recognize your new device therefore we are locking your account for your safety…..Please Internet stop saving me from myself!!!!
    You give the password and the secret question, but NOOOOOO they want just a bit more to be sure, more of stuff you have no idea about since the account was old as dirt and you lost such nit pickin’ details years ago.
    I am looking into Gmail, but in all actuality…nothing that is not written down is safe.
    I am loving this thread though….reads like a SNL skit. LOL. Idn’t that special!

  • t

    My account has been suspended-Ive filled out the online form, I then receive an email to state that I can get into my account but when I log in it says that Ive been suspended as before. When putting in phone number into window Im unable to type in box that requires number.
    Any ideas much appreciated……

  • http://hotmailsupport.uk/ Siyali Singh

    thanks for this post………
    great article…

  • wise

    This is a shame! This thread had been 4 years and there are so many issues! What the f**k with MS? What so special with tel number? What’s wrong with using security questions and alternate email?! Really f**k!!

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