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Drop box integration

Add Dropbox as a Cloud Service to Office 2013

It was quite a relief to see the Cloud integration feature rolled out in the current version of Office – Microsoft Office 2013. What disappointed users however, was the fact that apart from OneDrive, there was no support for other [...]


Turn off Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is great software for Windows 8 and I am guessing that quite a few of you may be using it on your system. This productivity suite contains many technologies in-built inside it and sometimes due to them [...]

Change Function key behavior

Change Function key behavior in Dell laptops

One thing I did not like about my Dell Inspiron 15 7537 Windows 8.1 laptop keyboard was the behavior of the Function and Multimedia keys – that is, the top most row in the keyboard. On my earlier Dell XPS, I [...]

Fig 1 Malware Transmission Via USB

Protect and secure your USB Flash Drive from Virus

USB plug and play devices are the easiest to use. They are also the easiest method to infect computers. There are plenty of tools available in the market that claim protection against USB infections. In this article on how to [...]

Minimize Outlook to System Tray

How to minimize Outlook to System Tray in Windows 8.1

If you use Microsoft Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1, as your default email client, then you may have noticed that, when you minimize Outlook, it minimizes to the taskbar and continues to occupy space. This can create a problem if [...]


Disable Spell Checker & Auto-Correct in Windows 8.1

In Windows 8 and later editions, there is a built-in spell checker that is embedded in your system. The spell checker and auto-correct is supposed to work over different sections of Windows uniformly. In many scenarios, you might find the [...]


Disable Active Content in Internet Explorer on Windows

Active Content on any web page includes ActiveX controls,, ActiveX scripts and JavaScript programs. If you want to disable Active Content in Internet Explorer on your Windows PC, then this post will show you how to do it. Enable, Disable [...]

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