Download Search Connectors for Windows 7 Federated Search

TWC Forum Member iMav has created some Search Connectors for Windows 7. Federated search enables users to search remote data sources from within Windows Explorer. In Windows 7 searching for content, directly from the explorer.exe, on remote locations, has been enabled. Integrating such federated search into  Windows gives users the benefits of using familiar tools and workflows to search even remote data.

searchtwc 400x306 Download Search Connectors for Windows 7 Federated Search

  1. Live Search
  2. MSFT Support
  3. Deviant Art
  4. Google
  5. MSDN
  6. Wikipedia
  7. YouTube
  8. Flickr
  9. Google Blog Search
  10. Twitter
  11. Yahoo
  12. WinVistaClub
  13. TheWindowsClub.

Windows 7 has introduced support for search federation to remote data stores using OpenSearch technologies that enable users to access and interact with their remote data from within Windows Explorer. Go here to learn how to Create Windows 7 Federated Search Connectors.

download1 Download Search Connectors for Windows 7 Federated Search

Try out these useful Search Connectors. Extract the contents and choose & click on the .osdx file/s you want to add.

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