Create a Business Card using Microsoft Publisher 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 suite includes a program Microsoft. Publisher 2010 can be used to create professional high quality publications and marketing materials, such as newsletters & brochures. Creating Business cards using Publisher 2010 is easier and more convenient than in other program of Office suite.

To create a Business Card using Microsoft Publisher 2010 :

1. Launch the Microsoft Publisher 2010 application from the Start Menu.

Application can be invoked from the taskbar in case you have pinned the same over there.

2. Navigate to Backstage,  “File” > “New” > “Business Cards“.

3. Publisher would show you a list of available templates for Business cards. Choose any one of the template from the list & then click “Create” or double-click the template.

4.  The selected template would be opened in an editable environment. Details like name, title, address, phone, logo etc can be edited here.

5. Also, there are many tools in ribbon that can be used to customize the business card document.

Details like Margins, Orientation , alignment can be set. Also the color template, fonts can be customized. Objects like picture, image holder, table borders can be inserted in the document. Header, footer, page no., etc can be set too.

6. To edit the business information,  Navigate to “File” > “Info” > “Edit Business Information“.

7. Clicking on the Edit Business Information will pop up a dialog box & so that you can customize these settings. After making the changes click “Save” to retain the changes.

8. Settings for color models, embedded fonts etc can be customized from the “Info” > “Commercial Print Settings” .

9.  After completing the formatting, editing of the business card, to print navigate to “File” > “Print“.  In printing you can set options like number of pages to print, document quality etc before printing.

10. After making the changes in printing , click “Print” to print the business card. Number of Business cards to be printed on each page can be set. Maximum number of business cards to be printed on a paper is ten.

Note : Keep saving the document while performing these steps to avoid the loss of work due to sudden failure/crash

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The author Vasu Jain is studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Windows. He blogs at and can be contacted on Twitter @vasujain.