How to design Greeting Cards in Microsoft Publisher

With festive and holiday season about to commence everywhere, I thought why not help our readers in designing their own personal greeting cards using the favorite office suite – Microsoft Office.

Design Greeting Cards using Microsoft Publisher

To design greeting cards using Microsoft Publisher, follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Click on Greeting Cards tab in Most popular
  • One thing you will notice is that you have a bunch of templates which is the beauty of Microsoft Office which gives an ample number of choices for your need. So just choose any one template as per your requirement. I am choosing Thank You template.
Just click on the template and click on Download if you are downloading the template from Office site.
  • Now the template open and this kind of window is shown

  • Now as you can see in the image above, it is not a ready card. You have to add information and other related objects into it.
You can see that you have various choices like Page parts you can pick anything like pull quotes, sidebars, etc. You have calendars, borders & accents and lot more things which together can help you in designing a great greeting card.

You can use Word Art and Clip Art also. Make heavy use of Picture Tools which can give a nice look to your greeting cards.

Hope you enjoy making one!

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