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fathers day deals

Amazing deals for Father’s Day from TWC Deals

Father’s Day is around the corner and you must be looking for gifts for your dad. No need to worry, TWC Deals is here and we bring amazing deals for Father’s Day 2015, which will come in a couple of […]

gmail free email services

Most commonly used email addresses and service providers

In spite of present day Social Networking buzz, Email has it’s top place in the field of communication. Whether it is fo a business proposal or a job application, everything is done through emails. I do accept that, there are […]

search for font in typewonder

TypeWonder: Test Google Web Fonts on any website

Google Fonts is a large free font repository by the web giant. You can get tons of free fonts to use on desktop as well as websites. If you manage your own blog design, you might want to test the […]


FireFTP: Free FTP / SFTP Client for Firefox browser

FireFTP is a popular, free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP addon available for Mozilla Firefox browser, which provides an easy and intuitive way to access FTP or SFTP servers. It is one of the top extensions available for Mozilla Firefox with over […]

Temporary Disposable Email ID providers

10 Free Temporary Disposable Email ID providers

Anything you register for, be it an online forum, shopping website or some sort of services and application downloads — requires you to provide a valid email address in order access the product. While this is essential from the Site’s […]

Best Free Online Map Services

Best Free Online Map Services

Online mapping websites comes next to the social networking websites when we talk about popularity and usability. An online mapping service is a utility which provide the detailed graphical information in the form of maps. People use such websites to […]

surface 3 giveaway

Surface 3 Giveaway and more at TWC Deals

Gadget lovers around would love the deals at TWCD this week. After offering you various fascinating deals, TWCD now brings a chance to win the brilliant Surface 3 free, a Nexus 5 deal and Certified Ethical Hacker & Penetration Tester’ Course. […]

Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks

Chrome Development Tools Tips for Windows

Google Chrome is one of the popular web browsers for web development, due to it’s advanced features. Chrome Developer Tools can be very useful while debugging. Most of us already know that we can edit the live CSS using Chrome […]

Cyberfox review

Cyberfox Browser Review: Firefox based browser for Windows x64

Cyberfox is among the latest browser in the wild to make a bold attempt to unseat the likes of Internet Explorer and Chrome. We didn’t mention Firefox, because Cyberfox uses the source code of Firefox. Cyberfox review Cyberfox features at […]

Wisestamp for Gmail

Best Gmail Plugins you need to use today

Gmail is one of the popular email services. Do you think you are making the best use of your Gmail? Making use of the default features does not solve some of our problems. There are much useful Plugins that needs […]

How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look website from Microsoft

Everyone wants to know – Do I look younger or older than I actually am? Well for all those who have this question, there is now a website that can guess you age and your gender from any photograph. How […]

Disable Skype Emoticons3

How to turn off or disable Emoticons in Skype on Windows PC

Skype of late, has become an indispensable tool for any PC user. The service helps you save money on text messaging and international calls. It can be easily installed on any Windows computer or smartphone and offers users a essential […]


Google I’m Feeling Lucky button Cost, Tricks and more

The homepage of contains two buttons just below the text box. The first one says Google Search and the other says “I’m Feeling Lucky“. This article explains what the second button does. There are some other things associated with […]

compatibility mode

Disable This application is not supported error in Chrome

Most browsers today are speedier, safer and more capable than their early iterations. These browsers offer a simplified way of downloading and installing any extension just by navigating to the respective web store. Chrome is no exception to this rule. […]

Microsoft Office

Deal: Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle only at $49

In today’s world, few skills are mandatory and everyone should learn them. Since this is the age of computers, we need to master certain skills from Microsoft Office suite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You may go to […]

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