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TWCD Giveaways: ONEPLUS ONE, Xbox, 3D Projector, NES Console

Our e-store TWCD brings some awesome giveaways for all tech enthusiasts around. If you are a tech-savvy and love participating on tech giveaways, TWCD would definitely entice you. These giveaways include some wonderful gadgets you would love to own. Have […]

Find exact past date and day

Use Windows Calculator to perform Date calculations

Are you eager to know how many days are left to attend your favorite concert? Do you want to know how many days have been passed since your last birthday? If so, then the built-in Windows Calculator would answer your […]

free computer forensics tools

Free Computer Forensics Tools

Computer Forensics means examining computers for traces of data that might solve a problem – be it legal or workplace related or personal use. While the term computer forensics brings to mind, an image of professionals using high-end tools to […]

bing privacy settings

Bing Privacy Settings: Enjoy safe and private Internet searching

With the Internet, came the incredible social and economic development in many different ways. At the same time using the Internet is not risk-free. With the increasing use of the internet, there has been a substantial increase in fraudulent activities.  […]

twc deals store

Get 10% off store-wide on the launch of our TWC Deals eStore

To-date we have been organizing several free giveaways, which many of you have been taking advantage of. Deciding to take this up further, we have now partnered with StackSocial, a California-based company, to bring to you some excellent offers and freebies. […]

easily find and start programs in Windows

Use Launchy to easily find and start programs in Windows

You always create shortcut icons to your favorite programs on the desktop. But there are many other files, folders and documents available in your system which you want to search in just one go. If you need to do this […]

free online backup

Best 5 Free Online Backup Services

It is always good practice to back up data remotely to some other place so that if anything happens to local place, you still have a backup of original data somewhere. You might back up to another computer on a […]

Click Frauds and Online Advertising Frauds

What are Click Frauds and Online Advertising Frauds

While most website owners struggle honestly to earn more from online advertising, there are cyber fraudsters that employ illegal techniques to make huge profits. This article discusses what are online advertising frauds and click frauds – and also touches upon related […]

Deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3

Deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3: Best practices

Microsoft has released a guide titled Deployment and Administration Guide for Surface Pro 3, that talks of best practices for deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3 devices. Windows to Surface Pro 3 Deployment This exhaustive 116 page guide has been […]

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