Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer released


  1. FYI – I had a couple users complain that when they had two excel files open, it would actually make them smaller – which it does. My solution was to have them open two excel windows, one for each file and it works fine.

  2. This program is doing strange things to my computer resolution.

    Please advise me as to how to UNINSTALL the program. I can not find in in the Control Panel Programs list.

  3. You have to just click the Restore button and then delete the program folder. You can also restore your computer back to and earlier restore point.

  4. This broke Aero Peek on my computer. Tried aero troubleshooter, Windows Destop Management and Themes Services, and restore point, but nothing can bring Aero Peek back to life. I advise just using the registry hacks and to stay away from this program.

  5. Men how can i restore my aero peek ? this program has destroyed my PC! I need your help beacuse i hate this situation….

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