What is Hashgraph? How is it different from Blockchain?


  1. The idea of no wasted blocks seems legit at first, however:

    you have three possible outcomes for any calculated block-system.
    With the common block chain, there is a win-lose scenario where, when two (or maybe more) blocks are completed at the same time, one block is used and the other(-s) discarded. This keeps the calculations to a single block at a time.

    With Hashgraph, all blocks are intended for use, which potential for either a win-win scenario, or a lose-lose scenario.
    In the win-win scenario, all blocks are used. This means that all calculations are considered and all calculations are paid out. However, this is very much limited to advancement in processing power. With no blocks wasted, this means eventually the blocks will, most like sooner rather than later, bypass block chain in size of network needed to confirm transactions. Which means more processing power needed per second, to complete calculations.
    This potential need for expanded/ extended processing power, will probably lead to congestion of the network and eventually, slower computation completions and therefore, slower payouts. Lose-lose scenario 1.
    At the other end of the line, there is enough computational power, which leads to more calculations per second finished than Bitcoin could ever have hoped for, and therefore, faster and bigger payouts. Sound good, doesn’t it?
    No. What happens with any currency that is printed in massive batches? Inflation. Those massive payouts may very well lead to inflated prices and therefore, worthless crypto currency. If there is no limit to the object, the subject adds no or little value to it – meaning more is needed to pay for a limited object. So your wallet gets filled with mega bucks that can buy nearly nothing. Lose-lose scenario 2.

    I believe that one of the reasons that Bitcoin was limited to 21,000,000, was in part to keep the value, in part to keep it from congesting the internet.

    Cryptokitties managed to slow the ethereum network to a crawl. Very few people have done cryptokitties, when compared to hashgraph aimed at taking over the internet.

  2. What is the money supply policy with Hashgraph, is it limited or is it controlled by some centralised entity or organization.

  3. Hashgraph has no coin, no money supply. If currency are the cars and blockchain is the road, hashgraph is an Autobahn. Any car can go there at its max speed.

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