What do Winners of our Best Windows Website Contest 2008 have to say?


  1. Indeed. Last year contest was great experience for everyone. I wish best of luck to all future participants. 🙂

  2. Public voting for a website is something that can be staged and wouldn’t be fair. Rather picking the best based on various criteria by the best-of judges would be a fair game.

  3. DemoGeek: Community views are as, if not more, important as the Judges views. Hence we have gone in for a 3 tier format to minimize possible personal preferences or poll process misuse.

    From all the entries, the Judges will select and put up 10 for vote. Here you have the Judges inputs.

    These 10 are then put up for a community vote.

    And then, irrespective of the votes garnered by each, the top 5 will again be judged afresh, by the Judges, and the winners declared.

    We are sure that you will not be dissapointed with the results 🙂

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