How to use PowerPoint Designer in Office 365

Office PowerPoint is much easier to use. The ingenious application features new tools like Designer that benefits from machine learning technique and Microsoft’s cloud technology for processing pictures and for selecting an appropriate layout for an image. In addition, you can modify your content to make the slides look a lot better.

PowerPoint Designer in Office 365

Like the name implies, Designer lets you create beautiful slides in no time. To use PowerPoint Designer, open the application. If you are online, PowerPoint Designer will automatically suggest options for you to add an image to the PowerPoint presentation.

Next, chose the slide to which you want to add a picture.

Then, go to Insert > Pictures and choose the picture you want to add.

If you are using the Designer feature for the first time, a message will flash on your computer screen prompting you to grant the permission for showing design ideas. Select, Designer and hit the Let’s Go button.

lets go

When done, chose the “Let’s Go” option. PowerPoint will display design ideas. For some reason, if you do not see any PowerPoint Designer suggestions, here are the things you can try!

Firstly, make sure you’re online i.e., you are connected to the Internet. PowerPoint Designer needs access to Internet for generating Design Ideas based on you uploaded content.

Use images in these formats (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or .BMP) per slide. Also, make sure the size of the image file does not exceed larger than 200 x 200 pixels.

Use a theme that is assigned by PowerPoint (not the one that you’ve downloaded from elsewhere).

Make sure the layout of the slide has either the Title or Title + Content slide format.

If you don’t find Designer useful, you can exit the feature by going to File > Options > General, and then un-checking the box that reads Enable PowerPoint Designer.

PowerPoint Designer in Office 365

Please note that the Designer feature is still in the stages of development. As such, Microsoft plans to add more features to it in the near future. For instance, features likely to be accommodated include automatic color options, to pick out the prominent colors from an image and adjust the slide style accordingly.


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